Recycling in Adelaide

As we near the end of Spring, it may be time to stop putting off the much-needed spring cleaning weekend your home might desperately need. Although it may seem daunting and somewhat tedious, there are so many benefits to undertaking a comprehensive clean out of your home. This can also lead to the recycling of various materials, all of which have significant effects on the environment. The following are some of the benefits of spring cleaning and recycling.


Clearing Space

There is nothing worse than clutter. Filling your storage-dedicated spaces with TV boxes and other rubbish will result in you not having enough space for the essential items. During a spring clean, take all of your old boxes and other cardboard, that, let’s be honest you will never use, and go to Thornton’s recycling where you will be able to contribute to a healthier environment.


If the materials filling these spaces are recyclable, you can take them to depots and not landfill where you will incur a significant dumping fee. So, not only will you be freeing up the much-needed storage space for your golf clubs, but you will also be able to do it for free, with great environmental benefits.



One of the core benefits of taking the excess material from around your home and disposing of it is, if done correctly, the environmental gains that will come with it. Recycling materials rather than purely disposing of them preserves precious natural resources that are diminishing quickly. It also creates a safer atmosphere for wildlife and humans as there are fewer carbon emissions created through the reconstituting of used materials.


You may not even be conscious of how the items you are looking to dispose of can help the environment, but it has staggering effects. So while you are clearing out your garage or cellar, think about recycling rather than traditional disposal.



Do you know that you can MAKE money by doing a spring clean? Well, by going through your home and taking any cans, bottles or milk cartons you find stashed away in hidden areas, you can get reimbursed 10 cents an item. In South Australia, the Container Deposit Scheme means that you can take these items to a recycling depot like Thorntons Recycling and be rewarded for the bottle and can recycling. These little additions will continue to make you more conscious of these items, and provide you with some incentive to be comprehensive with your Spring clean!



By undertaking a Spring clean, and taking the recyclable material away, you make your home an overall safer environment. Clutter can be dangerous, especially with children, as it makes it difficult to manoeuvre causing accidents around the home. This should be your number one priority for cleaning. The environmental benefits of recycling these materials should also be a factor!


So if you are looking to undertake a big spring clean, take your recyclable materials to Thorntons Recycling just outside the Adelaide CBD to clear some space, and contribute to a healthier South Australia.