At Thorntons Recycling, we absolutely love everything about recycling

This is for a number of reasons: its effect on the environment, it’s awesome application of technology, and the journey your used items go on before becoming brand new materials. Recycling is becoming more and more common, but there is still a lot of statistics and research that the everyday Australian isn’t aware of!


The following four facts will open your eyes to the world of recycling, and how everybody can do their part and make a difference!


Everybody makes a difference!

It may be hard to comprehend that your consumption can have any effect on the environment. However, an average person will generate almost two kilograms of waste every day, equaling about 1.5 tonnes a year! Of this, a large portion of the waste you produce is recyclable.  If everyone made a marginal change but placing their cans and bottles in a recycling bin rather than a regular bin, the environmental benefits would be incredibly immense.


Food waste is very common

The preservation of our planet goes a bit further than recyclable materials. Food waste is something that we often neglect. By throwing out excess food we take up precious landfill space and therefore contribute to larger areas of burning. We generate almost 22 million tonnes of food waste a year, if we composted this waste, we would save the energy equivalent of taking two million cars off of the road.


It’s all about energy preservation

Put simply; recycling saves energy. We are sure you probably know this – as the manufacture of new items rather than recycled items take more power and more time. Just how much energy is saved by recycling? Well, for each can you recycle you save enough energy to listen to an entire album on your phone. 100 cans would be enough to keep the lights on in your bedroom for two entire weeks.


So if you can imagine it this way – that every item I recycle preserves energy that can be applied elsewhere, you can see how much energy consumption that is avoided with diligent recycling. This is all consequential, as less fossil will be deleted globally, fewer carbon emissions will be released into the atmosphere! All starting with your bottles and cans.


Saving Landfill

When it comes to recycling, people often think about the atmosphere as this sole thing that reaps the benefits. However, the amount of deforestation and destruction of natural wildlife habitats that are the result of larger landfill spaces is having a serious effect on the environment. By recycling, less waste is ending up in a landfill. Therefore the spaces will not expand as quick, and less waste burning will need to occur (releasing harmful chemicals), and the atmosphere will reap the benefits.


With these new facts in mind, you should start your new recycling initiative today with Thorntons Recycling in Adelaide. By making a few changes, the team at Thorntons can help you make your contribution to a sustainable planet!