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5 Facts About Recycling You Might Not Know!

June 03, 2020

Are you taking advantage of having a recycling depot in Adelaide? No one can deny that recycling is one of the most effective ways to save the environment. It helps reduce our dependence on virgin, scarce resources. For concerned individuals, the recycling process can seem complicated and confusing. That is why you can use the help of a professional recycling depot in Adelaide. They will make the whole recycling processes a lot easier and more efficient.


To understand recycling more, here are a few facts you might not know:


Not Everything Is Recyclable


Unfortunately, not every product you use can be recycled. Some materials, such as single-use plastic, are not recyclable. They will not be accepted at your Adelaide recycling depot. However, many other everyday products, such as aluminium cans, plastic bottles, paper and cardboard, can get recycled multiple times. Just make sure to follow the instructions of your recycling depot regarding the list of acceptable materials.


Plastic Is Not All the Same


Many people think that all plastic products are made of the same materials. They think it is ok to use plastic because their Adelaide recycling depot accepts plastic bottles. However, the truth is that many plastic products, such as straws or plastic forks and spoons, are not recyclable. The only efficient way to get rid of these low-grade plastic products is by using less of them. It is also recommended to switch to other recyclable options.


Some Materials Can Be Infinitely Recycled


Unlike plastic, some materials, such as glass and aluminium, can be recycled endlessly. They will not lose quality or purity with every recycling cycle. In the recycling process, the new product will not need additional raw materials. The recycled materials will be enough. That is why these materials are considered the most efficient ones to recycle. You will even be paid for bringing them to our Adelaide recycling depot.


Back on the Shelf in No Time


Aluminium is not only one of the most recycled materials worldwide. It is also very economical and energy-efficient to recycle. The aluminium can you bring to your Adelaide recycling depot today, can get back in the market in about sixty days.


Recycling Does Not Always Mean Reusing


Bringing your used product to an Adelaide recycling depot does not necessarily mean it will get recycled into the same item. It can be used to produce a completely different product. For example, recycled plastic bottles are now being used in the production of shoes and even textiles, such as fleece.


At Thorntons Recycling, our state of the art recycling facility is located within ten minutes of the Adelaide CBD. We offer both a convenient drive-thru and drop-off and pick-up service for our business clients across Adelaide. We pay cash for your recyclable bottles and cans.


Be a part of the solution and dispose of your waste efficiently. Visit our Adelaide recycling depot today!






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