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5 Ways You Can Incorporate Recycling Habits Into Your Life!

August 19, 2020

Recycling in Adelaide and all over the globe means turning old materials into new products without relying on virgin resources. Think of it this way: with every waste item you recycle, you are easing the strain on scarce natural resources. To help save the environment, you need to incorporate recycling into your daily routine. Whether at your Adelaide home or work, recycling should be a natural habit to you.


Here are five ways to enhance your recycling habits:


Start Small and Move Slowly


Once you take the decision to incorporate recycling in your daily life, you need to take it slow. Being passionate about recycling is commendable. However, you should start with small recycling acts to sustain them. Otherwise, you will put too much pressure on yourself, and you will not be able to keep up.


Start by focusing on recycling one particular type of waste material or two. Encourage everyone in your Adelaide home or office to do the same. After it feels natural to you, move to the next material or recycling habit.


Designate Places for Recycling


Without a designated place for recyclables, many items can wrongly end up in your regular trash can. That is why you need to create clear recycling places in your Adelaide home or office. It will encourage people to gather their waste items there for recycling. It will also be easier for you to take the waste items to an Adelaide recycling depot.


Do not keep the recycling box or bag in just one room. Place a recycling bin in many rooms, such as the bathroom, the bedroom, and the garage. They will be easier to use and will act as a reminder of recycling.


Buy Recyclable Products


Unfortunately, not all materials are recyclable. That is why in order to decrease your waste, you need to buy recyclable products right from the start. Check what materials are accepted at your Adelaide recycling depot. When you go shopping, focus on purchasing the recyclable alternative.


Find Motivation


To adopt a new habit, you need some kind of motivation. Besides saving the environment, you can also make some money out of recycling. Some Adelaide recycling depots will pay you for your recyclables. To know which drinking containers can make you money, look at their label. It has to say ‘10¢ refund at collection depots when sold in SA’.


Think Before Leaving the House


Try to check your designated recycling places always, before leaving the house. The recycling bins might be full and ready to be taken to your Adelaide recycling depot. If you are going to do chores, you can drop off your waste at the recycling depot on the way.


At Thorntons Recycling, our state-of-the-art recycling facility is located within ten minutes of the Adelaide CBD. We offer a convenient drive-thru and drop off service, and pick-up service for Adelaide business clients. We pay cash for your recyclable items, including bottles and cans.


Sending us your waste makes recycling more convenient. Call us now!




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