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Bottle and Can Recycling Can Earn You Money...Here`s How!

March 11, 2022

You read that right- you can get some side income by recycling. If you're dedicating an ample amount of time to recycling, it's only fair that you get rewarded for it. Suppose you need extra motivation to keep up the good work. You're at the right place.

Here are some ways you can get money with bottle and can recycling in Adelaide. 

Container deposit scheme

 In Adelaide, you can get some cash by returning bottles or cans you bought from a business. A small deposit is added to the price of certain canned and bottled goods. So, when you return them, your deposit is refunded. By going to stores that support the scheme, you're guaranteed to get some of your money back.  

Recycling depots

Some ways you can get money from bottle and can recycling is by submitting them at a recycling depot. Most recycling depots in Adelaide offer cash in exchange for your bottles and cans. An example of such a depot is Thornton's recycling

Bring your bottles and cans to our recycling facility and get paid. How can you start making some money with us? By preparing your bottles in the following ways:

  • Cleaning them thoroughly:We only clean bottles and cans. Dirty bottles and cans are already contaminated, so you can't recycle them.

Try washing your bottles and cans immediately after use, so it's easier. Once the food or drink residue dries up, it'll be hard to clean.

  • Separate: Your bottles and cans go through different recycling streams as they're made of different materials. While storing them, keep them in separate baskets or bags. 

Some bottles could get destroyed if you keep them with cans. In addition, the sharp edges of the cans will puncture some of the lighter bottles and render them useless. To be on the safe side, keep them in their individual containers.

  • Getting the right equipment: Buy a big basket or sack where you can be getting your recycled items. Managing space while recycling your bottles and cans is a bad idea. Unlike regular waste that you can press, you'll want your items to retain their original shape and form. We sell recycling equipment such as baskets, bales, sacks etc., at Thorntons. Get yours to recycle the right way.

  • Remove the caps: Remove the caps of your bottles and keep them in a separate bin. It helps us sort through your bottles quickly.

  • Count them: The amount you get paid for your recycling depends on the number of items you submit. Count your bottles and cans before submitting, so you don't waste too much time at the facility. If you don't count them, our staff will have to do it while you wait and you may be in a hurry.

Follow these tips while recycling, and get a consistent flow of income with us. The final stage would be dropping off the bottles and cans at our Thebarton depot. 

Or you could relax at home while we come to pick up your bottles and cans. Your address is safe with us. Call now to arrange pick-ups for your business or household.




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