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Bottle Recycling Doesn`t Have to Be a Chore!

January 16, 2022

Most people view bottle recycling as a chore, and it's very understandable. However, storing your bottles separately isn't always easy to remember. And finding the right bottle recycling depot can be a gruelling task. There are other things that get in the way of recycling, and if you're experiencing any of them, there's good news.

Bottle recycling doesn't have to be stressful. In fact, it can be one of the easiest things you can do. Certain helpful tips, equipment and a recycling depot, will make recycling effortless. Here's how: 

Know the Basics

Learn everything you can about bottle recycling before you start. Not knowing certain things will make recycling hard for you. 

For example, you'll need to know the types of bottles you can recycle. Unfortunately, gathering every bottle you come across will be extremely tasking and stressful. And the sad part is that after collecting all these items, most will end up being rejected.

Apart from knowing the types of bottles to recycle, you should also know their condition, etc. Before you start recycling, knowing all these things will make the lifestyle easier to adopt.

Get Equipment

Just like you have bins and baskets for your regular trash, you'll also need containers for your bottles. If you decide to use your trash containers for your bottles, you'd be rendering them useless. 

Bottle recycling depots don't accept dirty bottles, which will be rejected. Collecting bottles for weeks and having them declined will discourage you from recycling.

The first step to ensuring your bottles stay in mint condition is buying proper recycling equipment. Buy bins, baskets, bales etc., that are different from your regular trash bins. This way, you'll never make the mistake of dumping unclean items with your bottles.


There are other reasons why you need recycling materials, such as:

  • Your family members and visitors will easily pick up the habit in your home. It's easy for people to recycle when they know where the bottles should go. Your kids could even start recycling with you- that's how easy it becomes.

  • In your business: You can keep a recycling basket in your office. Recycling is a lifestyle, and you must do this in every aspect of your life. A recycling basket will serve as a constant reminder for you- your co-workers or workers could even join in.

  • Take it with you on the go: If you're someone that takes a lot of snacks in your car, why not take a bin with you? You can dump bottled trash in the basket and use it on trips.

Recycling Depot

After collecting all the bottles you can handle, it's time to pass them on to a recycling depot. A recycling depot accepts bottles, processes and then passes them on to the manufacturer. They play a vital role in the recycling process, and the right depot will make your life easier.

Thorntons recycling makes recycling second nature with the numerous helpful services. You can arrange household and commercial pick-ups. And if you'd prefer, you can come to our recycling depot in Thebarton.

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