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Bottle Recycling Done Right!

May 27, 2022

Recycling one bottle can go a long way. However, that does not mean you should just start tossing your bottles into any Adelaide recycling bin. Instead, you should do bottle recycling the right way to be more beneficial for you and the environment.  

At Thornton's Recycling, we have been leading the bottle recycling efforts in Adelaide for over 40 years. That is why we have established our Adelaide collection depot to provide residents and businesses with an easy and effective recycling service.

First, we started as a bottle and can recycling depot. Over the years, we have expanded our recycling services. Today, we take in significant amounts of recyclable materials from Adelaide. 

What Are the Benefits of Bottle Recycling?

Listen, when it comes to bottle recycling in Adelaide, the benefits are not just concerning the environment. 

Of course, bottle recycling helps in reducing carbon emissions and conserving natural resources. However, in Adelaide, recycling your bottles can also bring you cash and help you make money. That is why bottle recycling is now extremely popular in Adelaide. 

How To Make the Most of Your Bottle Recycling?

The more bottles you send for recycling in Adelaide, the more money you will make. So to make the most of your bottle recycling, you need to do it right. First, find out which bottles you can make money on by recycling. Then, to make it easier for you, choose the bottles with a label saying '10c refund at collection depots when sold in SA'.

To speed up the process at the Adelaide recycling depot, you need to prepare the bottles. Rinse every bottle and make sure it does not contain any liquids anymore. Any drink leftovers can create a mess and attract insects. Before handing over the bottles to the Adelaide recycling depot, you should also remove the caps. 

Why Choose Thornton’s Recycling for Your Bottle Recycling?

At Thornton's Recycling, we offer a state-of-the-art bottle recycling facility. It is located within 10 minutes of the Adelaide CBD. To make things more convenient, we offer a drive-thru and drop-off service. For our Adelaide business clients, we also have a pick-up service.

As an incentive, we pay cash for your recyclable bottles. Our friendly staff is recycling experts. They will help you get in and out in the quickest possible timeframe. You can count on them to sort and count your bottles and hand you the cash for your efforts. 

Even though we have first started as an Adelaide bottle recycling depot, we have now expanded. Today, Thornton's Recycling accepts bottles, cans, beverage containers, cartons and plastic for recycling. So you can count on us to take all your recyclable items and help you save the environment. 

Make the most of your Adelaide bottle recycling. Visit Thornton's Recycling today!




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