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Do’s and Don’ts for Can and Bottle Recycling!

July 01, 2020

"Reduce, reuse, recycle", starting with your can and bottle recycling in Adeaide! The three Rs concept seems easy to apply in your daily life; however, the details can be confusing. Can and bottle recycling, for example, appear very straightforward. Jus collect any can and bottle you may have and send them to a recycling depot near you.


But what should you do with the bottle caps? Should you flatten the cans to get more space in your recycling box or bag?


Every recycling depot has its own rules and preferences. They can also differ from city to city. To make your visit to the can and bottle recycling depot go smoother and faster, these are some general rules to follow:


Empty and Rinse


After drinking your juice or soft drink, do not just put the can and bottle with the rest of your recyclable waste. If the containers have any residue, you should empty and rinse them first. You do not have to wash them with soap and water. Just give them a quick rinse and let them dry.


The drink residue can attract insects and generate odours in your recycling bin. Food and drink residues are also considered a source of contamination in recycling depots. One contaminated can or bottle can ruin the whole recycling load. It could all end up somewhere in a landfill.


Remove Bottle Caps


Should you leave the cap on or take it off the plastic bottle? That is the question. Most can, and bottle recycling depots prefer that you take the caps off, before sending them your waste. That might not make sense to you since the caps are also made of plastic. However, caps constitute different types of plastic, making them unsuitable to get recycled with plastic bottles.


Do Not Flatten Cans


Many people think they should flatten their cans before sending them to the recycling depot. Flat cans take less space and are easier to store. However, many can and bottle recycling depots do not recommend that.


It is difficult to identify the brand and see the deposit marking on crushed cans. Flat cans can also have sharp edges, which can cause severe injuries to the staff at the recycling depot. Storing too many crushed cans in one bag makes it heavy and difficult to handle.At Thorntons Recycling, we offer a start of the art recycling depot within ten minutes of the Adelaide CBD.


Over forty years ago, we started as a can and bottle recycling depot. Today, we recycle a significant amount of other materials as well.


We pay cash for your can and bottle recyclables. Our friendly team will help you sort and count your materials and hand you the money. Preparing your can and bottle waste beforehand helps make your visit go faster.


Save your can and bottle waste from ending up in landfills. Visit our Adelaide recycling depot today!




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