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Earn Money From Your Old Cans And Bottles!

August 26, 2020

Nowadays, more and more people in Adelaide are becoming aware of the benefits of can and bottle recycling. Thanks to the South Australian can and bottle recycling scheme, around 600 million drink containers are saved from landfills every year. Instead, they are returned to waste depots for recycling.


Over forty years ago, Thorntons Recycling was established in Adelaide as a rubbish collection depot. From day one, our vision has always been to provide residents and business in Adelaide with an easy and effective recycling service to reduce landfills. We have started out as a can and bottle recycling depot. Over time, we have expanded our recycling services. Today, we recycle significant amounts of materials. Our Adelaide recycling depot accepts your can and bottle waste for refund.

Here is how you can earn money for each used can and bottle you bring us:


The Container Deposit Scheme (CDS)


In 1977 the can and bottle deposit scheme was introduced in South Australia. It allows people to return eligible beverage containers for recycling and refund. You will receive ten cents for each can and bottle you return.


Over the years, the can and bottle scheme has proven to be a great success. Beverage litter has been reduced significantly. In fact, many visitors who come to Adelaide notice how clean the streets and parks are. Today, beverage containers make up only 2.8 per cent of litter, thanks to this refund scheme.


Maximize Your Earnings


First, you need to make yourself familiar with which beverage containers are eligible for refund. They are easy to detect. All eligible containers have ‘10c refund at collection depots when sold in SA’ on the label. You will be surprised how many eligible cans and bottles you have in your fridge and pantry.


When you go grocery shopping, focus on buying food and drink packs in eligible containers. Try to also designate some areas in your Adelaide home or office for can and bottle collection. At Thorntons Recycling, we pay cash for every eligible can and bottle you bring for recycling. Our friendly team will quickly count your items and hand you the cash immediately.


Prepare Your Recyclables


To make your visit quick at our Adelaide recycling depot, you need to prepare your containers first. Remove any cap or lid on the bottles. Lids can become a safety hazard for our workers. They will create pressure in the plastic bottles as they are crushed.
Make sure every bottle and can you bring to our Adelaide recycling depot is clean and dry. Food residues can contaminate all the waste items you are bringing. They will have to be washed on site. This will take extra time and will keep you waiting. Also, refrain from crushing the cans, before bringing them in. Crushed cans are risky to handle. They can cause injuries. Their deposit marking will be hard to identify.



Can and bottle recycling is now rewarding morally and financially. Visit our Adelaide recycling depot today!




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