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Easy Ways to Recycle At Home!

March 04, 2020

Now, more than ever, we can no longer be complacent about recycling in Adelaide. We live in a world where we over-consume. As a result, the garbage disposal has become a massive problem over the past years. Trying to recycle is not a luxury anymore. It is now considered a necessity.


The recycling concept is simple: not everything you use should end up in the garbage. You can send some of your waste to a recycling depot in Adelaide. However, you should first start with some recycling efforts at your Adelaide house


Here are some tips to help you recycle at home


Avoid Buying Disposable Product


Purchasing reusable items will decrease the amount of waste produced by your Adelaide household. You will use the product many times before it ends up in your garbage bin. Batteries, for example, are filled with toxic materials. Their manufacturing process is very harmful to the environment. The lifespan of one rechargeable battery equals using one thousand regular batteries.




One of the easiest ways to recycle at your Adelaide home is by composting. As you will not be able to send your biodegradable food garbage to an Adelaide recycling depot, it is better to compost it. Waste, such as eggshells and banana peels is excellent for your soil. It will nourish your Adelaide garden


Try to keep a small composting bin in your Adelaide kitchen. You can then use it to collect all of your organic waste


Buy Durable Good


Products with long-term lifespan will save you money over time. They will also reduce your waste. You can use them for years, without needing to replace them. When it is time to dispose of these products, try to bring them to an Adelaide recycling depot first. This way, you will also save a valuable landfill space in Adelaide


Separate Your Wast


This step is essential if you plan to dispose of your waste at a recycling depot. Put various recycling bins around your Adelaide house. Make one for paper, one for plastic and one for metal. Try to also label them accordingly.


To help your household go green, Thorntons Recycling offers a state of the art recycling depot just ten minutes from the Adelaide CBD. For over forty years, our recycling depot has been providing residents and businesses in Adelaide with an adequate waste disposal facility to reduce landfills


We started out as a bottle and can recycling depot. Today, we can recycle a significant amount of materials. Our Adelaide recycling depot accepts bottles, cans, all types of beverage containers and cartons, cardboard and plastic.
To encourage your recycling efforts, we do also pay cash for recyclable items, such as plastic bottles and cans. Our friendly staff will help you sort and count your items so you can get in and out of our recycling depot as fast as possible.


Recycling at home is much easier with our Adelaide recycling depot.


Call us now for more information or visit our facility!




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