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Get Rid of Your Bottles and Cans While Making Money!

January 16, 2022

Bottled and canned goods are some of the most purchased goods. So there’s a high possibility that if you look around your home now, there are bottles and cans lying around. Most people just dispose of their bottles and cans, but that isn’t necessary because you can recycle them.

Dispose of them properly and make money in the process. Yes, you can make money from the bottles and cans you’ve been throwing away. Are you ready to start making money from discarded bottles? Keep reading.

Have a Recycling Depot

Before you begin the bottle and can recycling, you’ll need to have a preferred Adelaide recycling depot. It’s just like disposing of your trash. Before you start collecting your waste, you’ll have an arrangement with a waste management company. The arrangement will cover how frequently they’ll be coming in to pick up your waste.

Since we’re focused on making money, you’ll ask the depot how much they offer for bottles and cans. There are various things involved when you want to start making money from the bottle and can recycling. For example, different bottles and cans attract different prices. Therefore, recycling depots also differ in the prices they offer.

You’ll need to discuss with various depots before deciding so you can get the best deal. Or you can easily come to Thornton’s Recycling for all your recycling needs. We give the best prices for your recycled items, and our extra services make recycling easy. 

However, if you want to recycle with us, you’ll have to prepare your bottles properly. Here are some things you’ll need to do:

  • Proper storage:Just like you’d do with regular trash, you need to store your bottles in containers. Baskets, bins or bales are some containers you can use for storing your bottles and cans. We can only accept your bottles if they’re in a basket or any other storage item. 

  • Properly cleaned: Dirty bottles and cans aren’t accepted. Ensure you wash, rinse and dry every dirty bottle or can you submit. Not every bottle will need a thorough washing- you just need to ensure it ends up clean. Unclean items will be rejected at the depot, so in a case where you only have dirty bottles. You won’t get any money in exchange for all your hard work. 

Storing the clean and dirty bottles separately will remind you to clean them. And in cases where you don’t clean the dirty ones, you won’t contaminate the clean ones. 

  • Remove caps: You’ll need to remove the caps off your bottles before bringing them. Bottle caps hinder the recycling process, so they must be removed.

After doing these things, you can then bring your bottles and cans to the recycling depot. Count them before submission at the depot so you can finish quickly.

You can even make the bottle and can recycling easier for yourself by having pick-up services arranged. We can come to your home or business and pick up all your gathered items. So if you’re ready to make money on the side in Adelaide, contact us .




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