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Got Plastic Bottles Laying Around? Why Not Make Some Cash at Thornton`s!

March 11, 2022


If you take your bottles to the rubbish dump, here's the sign you need to stop. When your bottles are at the rubbish dump, they cause more harm than good. This is because they're non-biodegradable, so they don't decompose. 

Instead, they take up much-needed space at the landfill. What you could do instead is start bottle recycling. Bottle recycling is when old plastic bottles are turned into new items. 

You'd be surprised at what your old bottles could become. They're turned into new bottles, clothes, furniture, etc. 

So how can you make some cash at Thornton's ? When you bring your bottles to us, you get paid. Depending on the number and types of bottles you bring. Here's all you need to know to get started:

Get equipment

Before you start keeping your bottles, get the necessary equipment. Don't put your bottles in any basket or sack. If the basket is too small, it could crush the bottles, making them useless. Since you want to ensure your bottles are in good condition while submitting.

Another reason why you should get the right recycling baskets for your bottles is to avoid mistakes. There will be mix-ups if you're using the same basket type for regular waste and bottles. It'll also be easier to remember recycling when you see the unique containers.

We sell recycling equipment in Adelaide and give you everything you need to get started. 

Proper preparation

A common mistake people new to recycling make is poor preparation. Before dropping your bottles off at the bottle recycling depot, they have to be a certain way. Here's how you should prepare your bottles for the depot:

  • Dirty bottles are contaminated and can't be used to make new items. Ensure you thoroughly clean your bottles before storing them. It'll be harder to get the dirt out if you let them pile up. Make sure they're also dry, so they don't grow mould.

  • Don't crush them. Don't crush, squeeze or make any dents in your bottles. If possible, you should leave them looking brand new.

  • Remove the caps of the bottles. They are made from harder plastic and eventually removed before the crushing phase. Put the lids in a different bag because they also get recycled. 

If you don't do all these before bringing your bottles in, some of them may get rejected, which will, in turn, affect the amount you'll get paid.


After gathering, cleaning and storing your bottles, the next final stage is bringing them in. Before coming to our recycling facility in Thebarton, count your bottles. 

This reduces the time you'll spend there because our workers will have to count them before paying you. 

Here's all you need to start making cash through recycling. 

You can choose to come down to our recycling facility or arrange pick-up services. We'll come to your household or business to pick up your bottles. Do you have some bottles already? Call us and let's take them off your hands .





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