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Here`s How To Make Bottle and Can Recycling Easy!

January 16, 2022


Are you having problems with recycling ? Everyone else seems to be doing it effortlessly, but you're always struggling? It's perfectly normal to experience these problems. Recycling is a lifestyle change and comes with problems when you're trying to adjust.

As long as you're ready to learn, you can make the bottle and can recycling stress-free. However, you should also be ready to step out of your comfort zone regarding certain things. Some of the ways you can make the bottle and can recycling easy are:

Make a Decision

It will be very tempting to recycle other things when you start recycling. You would be tempted to gather paper, cans, and other related things. While recycling various things isn't bad, it's easy to lose track. You'll be so busy recycling other things and fall behind on your bottle recycling.

So, before bottle recycling, make sure it's the only thing you want to recycle on a large scale. If you wouldn't mind, you could gather cans alongside your bottles. If you'd like to recycle as much as possible, get a general recycling bin for miscellaneous recyclable items. Make this decision, and you'll be on the path to easy recycling.

Make it a Lifestyle

You can't make recycling a household thing. In your office or outings, you'll need to recycle. To become second nature, you need to introduce it into all aspects of your lifestyle. Selectively recycling will make it easy for you to relapse. 

When you don't recycle in your office, you'll forget to recycle at home too. So you can also keep recycling stickers around your home and office. They'll serve as motivation.

It's much easier to recycle everywhere than to pick where you recycle. The next tip will help you to make it a lifestyle.

Proper Equipment

It is easy to make recycling a habit when you have constant reminders around you. However, if you only have trash bins around you, recycling will seem like a chore because you'll have to go outside your comfort to keep your bottles and cans.

Green bins in every part of your home and business will make recycling convenient. Family members and co-workers will even be able to join you in recycling. Put bottle recycling bins in every room of your home, office, and car. You need to go all out when you're going green.

A Helpful Recycling Depot

Professional assistance in any endeavour is essential. They will give you helpful information and offer assistance through various services. Since you'll be dropping your bottles off at a depot, you should use their other services.

Apart from accepting your bottles and cans, Thorntons recycling also offers pick-up services. So we can come to your household, business as long as it's in Adelaide.

If you need an extra incentive to recycle, we offer cash for your bottle recycling. So make some cash on the side to boost your morale and encourage everyone around you. Message us to learn more about how it works.





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