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Here’s What Your Recycling Bottles Are Turned Into

June 24, 2022


 Here’s What Your Recycling Bottles Are Turned Into 

We have all been told of the numerous reasons to recycle used bottles and their environmental benefits. However, these benefits can only be unlocked when these bottles get to the appropriate industries for reuse. Therefore, it becomes crucial that these bottles pass through suitable mediums to get to their destinations. 

Bottle recycling depots help distribute these bottles to industries for reuse, but what are they used for? This article will explain the journey of recycled bottles and what they are turned into.

The Journey of Recycled Bottles 

Have you ever wondered if your recycled bottles get recycled? Well, the chances are they do, but only after a heck of a journey. Thanks to recycling depots, more recyclables now get to the right industries for reuse. A recycling depot is where you can turn in your recyclables for proper recycling. 

With these depots, you can rest assured that your recyclables will reach the correct destination. For plastic bottles, the journey does not end when you submit them to recycling agencies. They are sorted into different piles according to the types of plastic they are made from. They are then shredded into flakes and shipped out to industries for reuse. 

What Are Recycled Bottles Turned Into 

This is the tricky part for most people. Although they are aware that these bottles are reused, many people are clueless regarding what the bottles are used for. Of course, different bottles are used for different purposes, and here’s a breakdown of what they are turned into. 

Plastic Bottles 

Plastic bottles are produced in large quantities today for packing different products, and they often make up a significant amount of recycled bottles. These plastics are used to manufacture several products, including; 

  • Fashion Wears:Plastics are utilised in the fashion industry to produce fancy wearables, including clothes, shoes, and bags. Swimwear and workout apparels are examples of plastic bottles produced, and these eco-friendly wearables are very fashionable too. 

  • Furniture: Recycled plastic bottles produce different furniture types for use in homes and offices. They can also be used to produce materials for outdoor furniture, including decks, fences, signage, etc.

  • Plastic Bottles: It should not surprise you that plastic bottles can be used to reproduce new plastic bottles. They are made of the same materials, so they help defeat the need to engage new raw materials. 

  • Glass Bottles Like their plastic counterparts, glass bottles can be recycled and used for manufacturing other products like; 

  • Glass Tiles:If you look around today, you will find several amazingly patterned glass tiles beautifying homes. It will surprise you that most of them are made from recycled bottles. 

  • Glass Countertops: Recycled glass bottles are also adopted to manufacture glass countertops used in bathrooms and kitchens. 

  • Glass Bottles: Glass bottles can also be used to remanufacture new glass bottles. This was the first use of recycled bottles before others were discovered. 


The different uses of recycled bottles highlight how important recycling them is. However, you should know that your recyclables can only be reused when you turn them in through the right channel. Thornton’s Recycling is the leading recycling depot in Adelaide you can trust to get your recycled bottles to the correct destination for reuse.  






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