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How Bottle Recycling is Saving the World

June 24, 2022

So much has been said about recycling and how it helps protect the environment. But of course, its importance can not be emphasised enough. 

Bottles often make up a significant deal of waste. Moreover, these bottles can often adversely affect whether they are correctly disposed of. Hence, the need to recycle these items keeps getting crucial. If you stay in Adelaide, it would be best to contact a reliable depot to assist with your bottle recycling in Adelaide. 

If you need a reminder of the importance of bottle recycling, here are some ways it contributes to the world's safety and advancement. 

  • Preserves Raw Materials and Natural Resources

Recycling used bottles and plastics often allows the reuse of these items for the same purpose or manufacturing other products. 

Whichever the case may be, it reduces the need to restart manufacturing from scratch with raw materials. The lesser the use of raw materials, the lesser the natural resources harvested for use. Thereby reducing unfriendly environmental practices like deforestation and risky mining activities. 

  • It is Energy Saving 

Generally, reusing recycled products consumes less energy than raw materials demand. It is no different from recyclable bottles, and this is because they are already refined. Using recycled plastic bottles to produce new products can save up to 70% energy. 

Also, it has been discovered that manufacturing new products from recycled glass bottles can save enough energy to power a 100 watts light for several hours. 

  • Reduces Waste Products 

The use of bottles has multiplied over recent years, and these items can easily add to the amount of waste product produced each day. In addition, plastic and glass bottles often take a long time to decompose, typically from 100 – 1000 years. 

Hence, they can quickly accumulate and fill up landfills, leaving only a limited space for waste disposal. However, recycling these bottles will free up space in landfills and reduce the frequency of poor waste disposal. 

  • Better Disposal Method 

We are all aware of how disastrous poor waste disposal can be to the environment. It can cause air, land, and water pollutions that affect the environment and its occupants.

Proper waste disposal can help avoid this environmental degradation, and recycling is the best way to handle waste without any side effects. Since a significant percentage of domestic waste is made of bottles, there's no doubt that bottle recycling will help reduce the amount of waste produced. 

  • Protects the Climate 

We are witnessing a rapid change in the climate today due to ozone layer depletion, mainly triggered by industrial activities. Most industries utilise carbon-emitting machines, and this carbon emission often impacts the ozone layer. 

The ozone layer protects the earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation that is rather harmful to living things. Since recycling saves energy, it reduces the amount of carbon waste and how it affects the environment. 


Recycling used bottles may not seem like much, but it is crucial, and its effects are critical to humans and the environment. Are you looking for a channel to recycle your used bottles?Thornton's Recycling is the recycling depot you can trust for the best services. 




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