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How Many Cans and Bottles Can I Recycle At One Time?

August 12, 2020

Besides helping the environment, can and bottle recycling in Adelaide can also make you some money on the side. Thanks to the Container Deposit Scheme of South Australia, you will get rewarded for recycling particular beverage containers. For each eligible can and bottle you bring to our Adelaide recycling depot, you will receive a ten-cent refund.


Until now, the can and bottle scheme has shown excellent results. Today, people in Adelaide are sending containers in large numbers for recycling. These cans and bottles would have otherwise ended up polluting parks and beaches.


No wonder many people want to bring as many cans and bottles as possible to our Adelaide recycling depot. So how many containers can you actually bring us at a time?


As Many as You Can


At Thorntons Recycling, we are passionate about the environment. Our priority is to help reduce the carbon footprint of Adelaide and make it a litter-free city. That is why we are fully supportive of the can and bottle scheme.


We understand that the recycling of every can and bottle eases the strain on our natural resources. Therefore, you can bring as many eligible containers as you want to our Adelaide recycling depot. Our dedicated team will help you sort and count your recyclables. Afterwards, they will hand you the total amount of refund in cash.


Maximize Your Refunds


To get more money, you should bring more containers to our Adelaide recycling depot. Eligible cans and bottles are easy to spot. They have a ‘10c refund at collection depots when sold in SA’ label on them. When you go grocery shopping, try to focus on purchasing products packed in these containers.


When you go out for a walk, take an empty rubbish bag with you. It will come in handy to collect any empty can or bottle you come across. You can also get your children involved. They will love doing something for a cause. You can also promise them to get the ten-cent fund for every can and bottle they collect for recycling.


Get Paid Faster


To make your visit to our Adelaide recycling depot go faster, you need to prepare your items beforehand. Check that not every can and bottle contains any liquids or food residues. You can give them a rinse at home and let them dry. Otherwise, you will have to wait until all the contaminated containers get cleaned on-site. Remove the lid from each plastic bottle you have. Lids can become a safety hazard for our workers. As the bottles are crushed, the lids will create pressure in them.


Over forty years ago, we had started out as an Adelaide bottle and can recycling depot. Today we accept significant amounts of recyclable materials. For your convenience, we offer a drive-thru and drop off service, and pick-up service for business clients.


When it comes to recycling, there are no limits. Visit our Adelaide recycling depot today!




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