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How Much Do I Get Back From Recycling Plastic Bottles And Cans?

March 11, 2020

People are fully embracing recycling in Adelaide and all of Australia since the the government introduced the container deposit scheme. It started in 1977 and still going strong.  It`s time for you to jump into the bandwagon

Today the container deposit scheme covers plastic bottle water, small flavoured milk drinks, sports drinks, spirit-based ready to drink beverages. By bringing any eligible plastic bottle or drink container to an approved recycling depot, you will get a cash refund.
Thorntons Recycling is one of the approved waste disposal depots in Adelaide. For your convenience, our state of the art recycling facility is located just within ten minutes of the Adelaide CBD.


How Much Is the Refund?


The container deposit scheme was the first of its kind in Australia. According to it, you will get a ten-cent refund for bringing any eligible plastic bottle or can to the recycling depot. Most of the plastic bottles and other beverage containers sold in Adelaide are eligible for the refund.


To ensure the plastic bottle or can is approved for a refund, check its label. It should state ‘10c refund at collection depots when sold in SA. 


Where to Dispose of Your Plastic Bottles?


To receive the cash refund, all you have to do is bring your drink containers to an approved collection depot in Adelaide. However, make sure the refund statement is clearly visible on the plastic bottle or can. Otherwise, the collection depots can decline it.
Squashing and flattening your cans and plastic bottles, makes them easier to store. However, it can cause problems, when trying to cash the refund. The operators at the recycling depot will not be able to clearly check the refund label on the plastic bottle or can.


How to Make My Visit to the Recycling Depot More Convenient?


You are not obliged to sort or clean the containers, before taking them to an Adelaide recycling depot. However, it will make your visit go much faster and smoother. It is also advisable to remove the caps off every plastic bottle and sort your containers into various types. Group the plastic bottles together, the cartons together, and the aluminium cans together. All of this will save your time at the recycling depot.


Thorntons Recycling is located in Thebarton, just five kilometres away from Adelaide. Our family-owned business is striving to reduce the waste at our Adelaide local community. That is why we recycle a significant amount of products. We will take your plastic bottles, cans, milk cartons, and cardboard.


To help you get in and out of our Adelaide recycling depot in no time, our friendly team will help you out. They will count your items quickly and hand you the cash refund. In Addition to our drive-thru recycling facility, we do also offer a pick-up service for Adelaide business clients.


Make money out of every plastic bottle or can you use.

Visit our Adelaide recycling depot today!




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