Cardboard Recycling After Moving House is easy, Heres how

Moving house can be both tedious and exciting! While packing up all your things can be time-consuming and difficult, there is no feeling like unpacking your items and placing them in your new home. Once your all unpacked and settled in, there is a fair chance you are left with one tedious task – getting rid of all of the cardboard boxes.


At Thorntons Recycling we are here to tell you that all of the cumbersome cardboard doesn’t need to be placed in your everyday bin periodically, you can get rid of it all at once with us.


How to recycle cardboard

Load up your cardboard and set out for Thorntons Recycling. With a convenient central location in Thebarton, just outside the city is the prime recycling location. With the drive-through system, the team will help you unload your cardboard and take it off your hands. You can then enjoy your new property without an abundance of cardboard filling your garage.


Cardboard recycling contributes to decrease carbon emissions due to the minimised energy it takes to produce products from cardboard that has already been used. So, if you need further incentive, other than just clearing space, your boxes you use for transporting can help the environment if recycled.


What happens to the cardboard?

I might be hard to imagine that the cardboard box holding your pots and pans can be reused and remanufactured. However, the journey your cardboard goes on after it is recycled is comprehensive and beneficial!


Once the cardboard is taken to the depot, it is transported to a recycling facility where it is sorted. Once the different categories are determined (corrugated or not), it is commonly taken to a paper mill. Your cardboard is then shredded into very small pieces for a pulping process. Combined with chemicals and water, the items are swirled in a vat.


The slurry of sorts is then added to wood chips to comprise what will become cardboard again. Before this, however, any materials such as plastic are filtered out of the slurry. The pulp then dries, and after a while, it becomes solidified. The material is then rolled out to remove the water while simultaneously turning it into thin sheets. The thin individual sheets are then laid on top of one another to form a sheet of cardboard. From here, the new materials that were made from your old boxes will be shipped to a number of different industries for packaging, storage or further manufacturing.


Recycling your old boxes after a move is simple, and the journey it goes on after is a comprehensive one. You can do your part by taking your cardboard to the Thorntons Recycling depot today!