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How to Improve Your Recycling Habits!

November 25, 2020

With the current situation of landfills filling up fast and the pollution spreading around the world, we simply have no other recourse  but to get into recycling in Adelaide. When it comes to recycling, there is always plenty of room for improvement. With some creativity and effort, the recycling habits you follow at your Adelaide home or business can become more efficient.


Here are some useful  tips to help you improve your recycling habits:



Keep an Eye Out for Recyclables 

Wherever you go shopping, look at the packaging. Will an Adelaide recycling facility accept these materials? Can you reuse them at your Adelaide home? Also choose products that can easily get repaired or upgraded, especially in electronics. Otherwise, you would have to throw the whole appliance or device in the trash if only one part gets broken. 



Make Your Recycling Boxes Accessible

We do not have to pretend. No matter how much we care about recycling and the environment, we all get lazy over time. To help you keep your recycling efforts going strong, you have to make the surrounding atmosphere encouraging. 


Try to put recycling boxes around your Adelaide home or office. This way, people will not get lazy and throw the recyclables in the trash. You should also put a recycling box next to the trash bin. This way, it will be easier to collect the items, before taking them to our Adelaide recycling depot. 



Buy Recycled

No one can deny the importance of recycling waste. However, the world of recycling moves in a full circle. It starts with the trash you send for recycling and ends with recycled products. To sustain recycling, you need to support all the chains of the cycle. That is why buying recycled goods is as important as sending your waste to our Adelaide recycling depot.


You can find high-quality recycled products in many stores around Adelaide. From tissues and printing papers to clothing and electronics, recycling is now a part of a variety of products. Switching to recycled goods will enhance your recycling habits greatly. 



Clean Bottles and Cans

It is vital to remove any food or drink residues from your recyclables. Otherwise, you can get your waste items contaminated. They will not be suitable for recycling anymore. Instead, contaminated items will be sent to Adelaide landfills. To make this task easier, add your empty bottles and cans to your dirty dishes. You can use the leftover of washing water and soap to give your recyclables a good rinse. 



At Thorntons Recycling, our state-of-the-art recycling facility is located ten minutes away from the Adelaide CBD. To encourage recycling, we pay cash for recyclable items, including bottles and cans. Our friendly staff will help you sort and count your recyclables to make your visit go as quickly and smoothly as possible. We also offer a waste pick-up service for business clients across Adelaide.



Recycling has never been easier. Visit our Adelaide recycling depot today!





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