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How to Make Bottle Recycling Easier for Your Family!

May 06, 2020

Making bottle and can recycling a habit in your Adelaide home can take time and effort. However, it is not an impossible challenge. If you want to succeed, the most important thing you should focus on is on making recycling a family activity. By getting everyone involved, recycling can become a fun way in which your family spends time together, rather than a tedious chore. In today’s post, we’ll share some of our best tips to help you make recycling a well-set habit in your Adelaide home.


Practical Advice to Involve Your Family in Bottle and Can Recycling

Educate Every Family Member on Recycling

If you want to get everyone on board with your recycling efforts, the first thing you should do is share your knowledge. Education should be your main priority since without access to the information your family won’t understand the process or importance of recycling. Take time to teach your children what products can be recycled and how they can sort their garbage on their own. The process can vary depending on your child’s age, but you can find educational resources for all online.

Create a Designated Recycling Area

Good organization is key to success in nearly any activity. Recycling is no exception. Having a designated area for recycling in your home will make recycling both easier to do and easier to remember. Keep in mind that each member of your family has their own distractions. Giving them an easy to access area to quickly get recycling done will benefit everyone. Use several bins for sorting and make sure they are placed in a convenient area of your home.

Fit Recycling Into Your Family Calendar

Coordinating activities between several family members can be complicated. This is why most families develop some sort of scheduling or calendar system to keep track of events and appointments. We recommend that you schedule recycling into your family calendar, along with all other essential activities. Choose one day of the week to dedicate to preparing your recyclable waste and making a run to the recycling hub. Participating together in bottle and can recycling can become a teamwork activity that all your family members can look forward to.
Recycling doesn’t have to be an additional burden or preoccupation with your already busy family life. With the right approach, green practices can seamlessly blend into your Adelaide household’s routine.

At Thortons Bottle and Can recycling facilities, we can help you make the process as simple as can be! Our modern recycling hub is easy to access, located just 10 minutes away from Adelaide’s CBD. We are also open every day of the week and offer a 7-day recycling pick-up service.

If you need more information about our bottle and can recycling services, reach out to our staff! You can contact us by calling 08 8443 7416.




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