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How to Make Your Home Recycling Friendly!

August 05, 2020

Having trouble managing, let alone taking your waste to the recycling depot in Adelaide? No surprise! It is estimated that the average Australian family produces around 2.25 kilograms of waste every day. That amount of rubbish is hard to dispose of responsibly, without a trustworthy recycling depot.


Many household wastes can be recycled. That is why it would be a pity to dispose of all these recyclable items in landfills. Like many people, you could be interested in recycling, but just do not know where to start. Recycling is all about adopting environmentally friendly habits at your Adelaide home.


Waste items need to be prepared first before taking them to your Adelaide recycling depot. You cannot just throw them in the recycling bin. At Thorntons Recycling, we offer a state-of-the-art recycling depot. It is conveniently located within ten minutes of the Adelaide CBD. Our family business is very keen on recycling. We can help you make your Adelaide home more recycling friendly


Here are some tips to guide you:


Make a Designated Place for Recyclables


Having a clear place to store your recyclables will help you manage the waste efficiently. You can separate the waste items and get them ready before taking them to the recycling depot. Do not just put these recycling bins or boxes in the kitchen. Try to spread them around your Adelaide home to be easy to reach for everyone. The box or bin will also stand as a reminder to recycle.
Before taking the waste items to your Adelaide recycling bin, make sure the bags or boxes are not too heavy. They should be easy for the workers there to handle. Separating your waste and getting it ready will make the drop off at the recycling depot go faster and more smoothly.


Separate Your Trash


The recycling designated points around your Adelaide house are not just there to collect waste items. You need to sort your items, before taking them to the recycling depot. All food and drink containers need to be clean and free of any food or liquid residues. Any lids on bottles and jars need to be removed, before dropping them off at your Adelaide recycling depot.
At Thorntons Recycling, we pay cash for recyclable items, such as bottles and cans. To save yourself the time and effort at the recycling depot, you can also organize the containers  that can make you money together. That way, they will be easier to count, and you will get paid faster.


Rinse Drink Containers


All waste items must be cleaned before they reach our Adelaide recycling depot. Otherwise, they can contaminate your whole recyclable batch. It will not be accepted for recycling. You do not need to wash them. Just rinse them out and make sure they are dry afterwards.


Help the environment and make some cash on the side. Visit our Adelaide recycling depot today!




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