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How to Prepare Your Bottles and Cans for Recycling

February 21, 2022


Before you submit your bottles and cans to a recycling depot, you’ll have to prepare them. Only bottles and cans in certain states are recyclable. So, you have to make sure your bottles and cans are in good condition before bringing them in. 

Thebottle and can recycling process is highly dependent on the quality of the items. Bad bottles and cans are rejected at Adelaide recycling depots. After gathering your items for weeks, the last thing you want to hear is that your bottles are invalid.

Save yourself time by preparing your bottles and cans by:

Leave them alone

Yes, leave your bottles alone. This doesn’t mean you should submit them in a deplorable state. It just means that you should not crush or twist their shapes. The way your bottle was when you bought it is how it should be while submitting.

Most people crush their bottles or cans without knowing that they’re compromising it. The crushing process already happens in the recycling depot, so you don’t need to bother. If you have pets or kids, keep the bottles away from anyone or things that could ruin them.


Once you’ve left your bottles and cans in the proper condition, you’ll have to clean them. Bottles and cans come with numerous types of substances. Substances that aren’t needed during the bottle and can recycling process in Adelaide. Before submitting to any recycling depot in Adelaide, ensure you thoroughly clean them.

Here are some ways you can ease the cleaning process:

  • Clean the bottles and cans immediately after use and dry them out. With this, you’ll have fewer dirty items to clean before going to the depot.

  • Pile them in your recycling bin and wash them right before you submit them. 

  • Divide them. Some bottles simply need a rinse, and they’d be fine, while some require thorough washing. Rinse the bottles and cans, separate the clean ones and put them in a sack. At the same time, they are putting the ones that still need thorough washing in another container. Whenever you’re ready, wash and dry them.


Make sure you have plenty of bottles and cans before you go to the depot to save yourself multiple trips. Put all the bottles in a bin and the cans in a separate container. The bottles could crush the cans if they’re in the same container, and you want to avoid that.

After doing this, check the containers. There’s the possibility of foreign objects and materials entering your recycling bin. A proper inspection would help the recycling depots while they’re sorting through your items. 

Do you have bottles and cans ready for submission? Bring them to Thornton’s Recycling . You can get cash in exchange for your items when you bring them in for a bottle and can recycle them. If you want to be sure of the amount you’ll get, count your bottles before submission. You’ll be done before you know it!

Are you new to recycling? We have recycling equipment that will make recycling easier. Also, we can come to your household or business to pick up your cans. Message us to book a pick-up date!





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