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How to Recycle Like a Pro!

May 20, 2020

Taking your recyclable to the recycling depot in Adelaide along with any effort you can make to go green are all steps in the right direction. Once you’ve become a regular at your Adelaide recycling depot, you can start focusing on improving your process to get even better results. As you start gaining experience at the task of recycling, you can start improving your process and habits to get the most out of your recycling efforts. Improving your recycling skills will not only lead to higher efficiency and better environmental impact, but also it will save you time and effort down the road. In this post, we’ll provide you with some essential tips that will help you start recycling like a pro!


Become an Adelaide Recycling Pro Following This Tips

Prepare Recyclable Items Ahead of time

An easy way to identify experienced recyclers from first time recycling depot visitors is by looking at the condition of the recyclable items they bring in. Recycling beginners often make the mistake of delivering items that contain food or liquid residues or containers that still have their caps on. It is also common to see people bringing in bags that are overfilled and too heavy to carry.
Those with more experience in recycling, on the other hand, take time to prepare correctly. If you too want to simplify the recycling process, make sure to wash off the residue from your containers by rinsing and drying each item. Always remove caps from your bottles ahead of time and make sure to bag your recyclables reasonably for easy handling.

Develop Waste Sorting Systems at Home

When you are first getting started with recycling, simply separating your recyclable items from your regular waste is a good start. However, as you start making more trips to your Adelaide recycling depot, you’ll find that developing better sorting methods has many benefits. Rather than arriving at a recycling hub with a huge bag of mixed recyclable items, try sorting your items by category. Separately bag plastic, aluminium, and carton. This way, you’ll be able to simplify the process and speed up the recycling process.

Stay Consistent

Once you’ve gotten familiar with the process of recycling, working on making it a habit is the most important goal to focus on. Starting to recycle is always great news. Yet, if you genuinely want your actions to have a positive effect, then you should make recycling something you do regularly and not on one-off occasions.

Bottom Line

With your committed actions and the help of an efficient recycling hub, becoming an expert at recycling is a goal anyone can accomplish. Are you looking for an Adelaide recycling depot that can help you make recycling easier to handle? Look no further than Thornton’s Recycling. Our state of the art facility is located just 10 minutes away from Adelaide’s CBD and open all seven days of the week. With our streamlined processes and your help, we can make the earth a better place!


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