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How to Recycle Your Cans in Adelaide with Ease!

March 25, 2020

As a regular consumer of canned goods in Adelaide, are you into can recycling? Taking part in can recycling can help you mitigate the environmental impact of your Adelaide household. Can recycling is very beneficial to the conservation of natural resources and reduction of the carbon footprint. At the same time, it is easy for most people to get involved in can recycling effectively. In this article, we’ll guide you through the basics of can recycling so that you can participate in green practices.


Adelaide Can Recycling 101


Get a Recycling Bin


To succeed at can recycling, first, you have to be prepared. You’ll need to get a dedicated container you can use to dispose of all your canned goods. You must use this bin for cans only. Throwing other perishable or non-recyclable products can set you back and involve extra sorting work. For best results, make sure the container is spacious enough and easy to access.


Sort Your Aluminium Cans


As you empty out cans at home, make sure to set them aside. At this point, take a few minutes to thoroughly rinse each box and make sure no liquid residue persists in the container. Most recycling depots prefer to receive clean and dry cans for recycling, so doing this will save you time and effort later on. Rinsing is also essential since food residue in cans can cause bacterial growth, attract pests and bugs, and cause bad odours. If you are keeping your recycling container close to your home, avoiding these issues is vital.


Find a Can Recycling Depot in Adelaide


Once your can recycling container is full, you’ll need to find a local depot to help you recycle your cans. Thorntons Recycling Depot in Adelaide is one of the best hubs to visit for this purpose. Not only can we help you recycle aluminium cans, but our facilities also accept paper, carton, and plastic bottles for recycling. Part of what makes our facilities so attractive to the Adelaide community is our convenient location, just 10 minutes away from the CBD, and our accessible opening hours. To make a can recycling drop off, just visit our drive-thru operating Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm and on modified hours during the weekends.


Can Recycling Pickups Are a Convenient Option


Can’t fit in can recycling depot visits in your busy schedule? Thorntons Adelaide has a solution. As part of our recycling depot services, we offer a scheduled pick up service on a one-off or recurring basis. Recycling pickups are an excellent tool for those interested in can recycling with little time, no transportation means, or significant recycling needs.


In Conclusion


Start recycling your cans today with the help of Thorntons Recycling Depot in Adelaide. We’d love to welcome you into our ecologically-minded community. Whether you are looking to recycle cans, bottles, paper, or cartons, we’ve got you covered!


Visit our drive through today or contact us calling at 08 8443 7416 to schedule a pickup or request more information.




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