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How We Can Help You Dispose of Your Plastic Bottles and Earn Cash!

March 18, 2020

Are you one among many in Adelaide who are recycling at home? Over the years, the products we use in our daily lives have changed. The packages they come in are also very different. Although it is the more eco-friendly option, it is now rare to purchase a drink in a glass bottle. Plastic bottles are now the norm, not just in Adelaide but worldwide.


With the considerable increase in consumption comes a tremendous amount of waste. The problem is plastic does not decompose. So with every plastic bottle you use, you will contribute more to the landfills problem.


Nowadays, more and more people are becoming conscious of the benefits of recycling. With every plastic bottle you recycle, you ease the strain on our natural resources and reduces your carbon footprint.


In Adelaide, plastic bottle recycling will not just help the environment. It will also earn you some cash. Forty years ago, the South Australian government implemented a container deposit legislation. It grants you a cash refund for every plastic bottle you bring to an approved recycling depot.


Benefits for You


When this legislation was first implemented, the refund was originally five cents. In 2008, it was changed to 10 cents to encourage more people to recycle plastic bottles. To benefit from the container deposit legislation in Adelaide, you need to first find out if the plastic bottle you have is eligible for a refund.


Check the label on your plastic bottle. It has to say: ‘10c refund at collection depots when sold in SA’. The high number of drink containers eligible for cash refund will surprise you. It includes most plastic bottles sold in Adelaide.


Benefits for the Environment


Over the years, the container deposit legislation has proved to accelerate the recycling rates in Adelaide and across South Australia. Today, South Australia has the highest recovery and recycling rate of beverage containers in Australia. In 2018–19, the return rate was 76.4%. This means that over 612 million containers were diverted from landfills.


How We Can Help


At Thorntons Recycling, we offer a state of the art recycling facility. It is located within ten minutes of the Adelaide CBD. As a family business, we are passionate about the environment and reducing the carbon footprint of our community in Adelaide. That is why we have become a useful collection point for all the recycling requirements in Adelaide.


We recycle plastic bottles and cans for our Adelaide local community. You can bring any eligible plastic bottle to our recycling depot. We do also pick-ups for pubs, clubs, function centres, RSL, restaurants and cafes.


Our friendly team will count your plastic bottles and hand you the earned cash instantly. They can also help you sort your materials.


To make your trip to our recycling depot faster and more convenient, you can take the caps off. Try to also wash out the bottles and make sure no fluids are inside.


Helping the environment has never been more convenient and rewarding.

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