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How We Make Recycling Easy at Thorntons!

February 21, 2022


Recycling is an activity everyone should be doing- it’s a habit we could all benefit from. However, it’s not always easy when you don’t have access to the proper resources. If you’re recycling without the help of a recycling depot, it won’t be easy.

If you’re recycling with non-recycling companies, you’ll be:

  • Buying recycling equipment at more expensive rates.

  • Lack access to some basic services that you should be getting.

And there’s also the possibility that your bottles and cans aren’t getting recycled properly. At Thorntons, we recycle a piece of cake

Here’s how we help:


There’s a lot of information about recycling online, and most of them are untrue. Before you start recycling, read about it from a trusted source like a recycling depot. You could end up making many mistakes if you’re recycling based on the wrong information.

For example, you may crush your bottles and cans thinking you’re helping us. But all you would be doing is ruining all the items you’ve gathered so far. You’re welcome to come down to our Adelaide recycling depot with any questions you have. Our responsive customer reps are also available to attend to any questions you may have online.

We’ll give you the correct tips and hacks you’ll need to make recycling as easy as possible.


You need to make recycling separate from your garbage disposal. You can’t keep them in the same type of containers, or you’ll make mistakes. Specialised recycling bins are distinct from other types of bins. You’ll need them if you’re trying to get your family members to join you in recycling.

With the proper equipment, you’ll always remember to recycle and make fewer mistakes. Other ways the right materials can help you is by:

  • Being mobile. You can put a small recycling bin or sack in your car. You’re constantly using bottles and cans, so you must have somewhere to put them. 

  • Helping you recycle everywhere. Put a recycling bin in your office so you can recycle while you work. Recycling baskets are very helpful if you own a business and want your workers to recycle.



Going to the rubbish dump then the recycling depot may not be convenient. You don’t have to go out of your way to recycle with Thornton’s. We offer pick-up services and can come to your home to pick up your items.

We can also come to your business if you recycle on a large scale. Sit back, and let’s take your bottles and cans off your hands.

Monetary compensation

Recycling isn’t all about the money, but it significantly helps. Get money in exchange for your recycled bottles and cans with Thornton’s . Make sure you keep a lot to get a significant amount in return. It’s a good way to motivate people around you to recycle.


You could make it an office competition or tell your kids they could get gifts if they recycle enough. Are you ready to recycle without any hassle? Contact us so we can help you out. 





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