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After you’ve had a big show at your place to celebrate a long weekend and no one bothered to stay around to clean up, you can always take solace in returning all the bottles and cans to Thorntons for a nice refund! We accept all your beer bottles and cans as well as pre-mixed drinks for a 10 cent refund.

If your guests brought champagne or wine instead then we can handily take them for you as well albeit these bottles are often not eligible for the cash back refund. A handy tip is to place all of your bottle recycling in leftover cases or wine boxes to help fill up your car more neatly if it’s a big trip.

Luckily, Thornton’s Recycling is just a five-minute drive out of the Adelaide CBD, and our convenient drop off service will have you in and out with cash in hand in no time whatsoever. Come down and see us at 4 Murray Street Thebarton – feel good about your bottle recycling and enjoy your well-deserved refund!


At Thornton’s Recycling Adelaide, we commit to employing staff members that are passionate about helping you to help the environment and limit your carbon footprint. It’s no wonder that we’ve cultivated a solid reputation over 40 years and that the Adelaide locals love our helpful staff.

We strive to improve our service and to make your visits with us as quick and painless as possible because without you doing your part for bottle recycling we wouldn’t exist. If there is any way you think that we can improve our services, then don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will do our best to implement your request.


As a well informed Adelaide local, you are probably already well aware of the importance of bottle recycling and how it eases the strain on our natural resources. Sometimes, however, it can be an enlightening experience to physically see just how much litter we go through in Adelaide every single day.

Feel free to look at our gallery to get a glimpse of how much bottle recycling we get through daily and try to imagine where this would all go if bottle recycling depots didn’t exist.

At Thorntons, we try to continue to educate so that the future of our beautiful city doesn’t get jeopardised and we’re always looking to implement more efficient methods and equipment to help reduce our carbon footprint.





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