Recycling Bottles and Cans made Easy with Thorntons Recycling

Let’s be honest; it is more than likely that you have a few cans and bottles in your bin at home. At Thorntons Recycling, we believe that the recycling of cans and bottles is one of the best ways to contribute to a cleaner state, a more sustainable environment, and make some money while doing it.


Although can and bottle recycling in Adelaide may seem like a hassle or an inconvenience, we are here to tell you that you can recycle bottles and cans quickly and easily right here in Adelaide with Thorntons Recycling.



Located just outside the city in Adelaide, Thorntons is situated in a perfect area with easy access. No matter where you are coming from in a city like Adelaide, you are able to get into the heart of the city with ease. Thorntons is no different, and with an efficient system, you can get in and out of the depot as fast as possible.


The drive-through system that the team utilises is designed so that recyclers can have a convenient experience. Place your bottles and cans in crates or boxes, drive to the depot, and the team will handle the rest. You will be in and out with cash in your hand in a matter of minutes!



Thorntons is your recycling solution not just for bottles and cans, but also for cardboard and plastic. This all-in-one service once again makes recycling an efficient and easy service. By being able to recycle additional materials, you can make the most out of your trip to the depot. Do you have some extra packaging cardboard laying around? Maybe a TV box that has been sitting in the shed? No worries! Take it with you when you go to get rid of your bottles and cans and make the most out of the services Thorntons Recycling offer!



For all of your recycling questions and queries, the team at Thorntons have the answer. Although it may not seem like the most critical aspect of the business, it is crucial that the people handling recycling in South Australia are passionate and motivated. Whether it is passionate about the process, or the environment, the role of the team at Thorntons is to continuously provide manufacturing alternatives that are beneficial to the environment – a role they are proud of.


For all of your recycling needs, you should visit Thorntons Recycling in Thebarton. Whether you want to be reimbursed for some bottles and cans leftover from Christmas, or have some plastic and cardboard laying around that needs disposal; the team have you covered. Swing by today for a quick and easy service designed for your benefit.