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Should You Wash Out Your Bottles And Cans Before Recycling?

June 10, 2020

To wash your bottle and can recycling or not to wash them, that is the question in Adelaide! Many people claim that washing bottles and cans contradicts the purpose of recycling. Washing bottles and cans consumes much water, which is a valuable, scarce natural resource.


However, deciding not to wash out your recyclables can have a more significant negative impact. That is why many Adelaide bottle and can recycling depots ask their clients to wash out their recyclables. You do not have to waste large amounts of water. A quick rinse is fine. It will remove any food residues.


Here is why this quick rinse is essential to bottle and can recycling:


Contamination of Other Recyclables


Many people do not separate their recyclables at home. They get it sorted out at the bottle and can recycling depots. During the collection and transportation phase, your bottles and cans will come in contact with other items. If they contain liquids or other food residues, they can contaminate your whole recycling load. Paper or cardboard with drops of oil on them might not get accepted at your Adelaide recycling depot.


Food residue is considered a source of contamination as it cannot be reliably processed during recycling. By not washing out every bottle and can you have, you will be putting your whole recycling batch at risk. It might end up burned or buried in landfills, because of the contamination.


Smelly Odours


Even if you will separate your bottle and can recyclables from other materials, you will still need to wash them out. Otherwise, you will end up with stinking odours at your Adelaide house and car. Food and drink residues will rot over time. If not cleaned, they will develop mould, which has a strong, smelly odour. On the other hand, by rinsing out your recyclables, you will not have to deal with this problem.


Pests and Insects


Smelly mould will not be the last of your problems with dirty bottles and can waste. Food particles hanging inside your waste will attract insects, pests, and even racoons. Insects, such as ants and bees, can hide inside your cans and bottles. As you take them to your Adelaide bottle and can recycling depot, they can hurt you and the workers there. That is why you need to keep your waste clean before taking it to the recycling facility.


At Thorntons Recycling, we have a state of the art recycling facility within ten minutes of the Adelaide CBD. We started out as a bottle and can recycling depot. Today, we accept many other materials, such as plastic and beverage cartons. To encourage bottle and can recycling at our local Adelaide community, we pay cash for these items. To get in and out in no time, we recommend washing out your bottles and cans at home and taking any caps off.


Help us save the environment and get paid for your efforts. Visit our Adelaide recycling depot today!




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