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Some Things Your Recycling Might Turn Into Once It Leaves the Recycling Depot!

June 17, 2020

The recycling of bottles and cans among other items is a fascinating process. It is one of the best ways to save the environment we live in. As the technology advanced in the past years, recycling has become more efficient. The transformation journey of your used recyclables has changed. Today, the used bottle or can you bring to our Adelaide recycling depot can be used to manufacture a completely different product.


Using recycled materials in the production process makes it more energy efficient. Even with all the transportation and overhead costs of recycling, it is still more efficient than manufacturing an item from scratch.


Here are some of the items you will help manufacture by bringing your recyclables to our Adelaide bottle and can recycling depot:


Aluminium Cans


It is considered one of the most efficient materials to recycle. Aluminium can be recycled over and over again, without losing its quality. The aluminium containers you bring to our Adelaide bottle and can recycling depot can be recycled into a wide number of products.


From car bodies and train tracks to bicycle and airplane parts, aluminium can be used for various purposes. Aluminium can also be recycled into new cans in no time. It will take as little as sixty days to recycle your used aluminium can into a new one. The recycling process will save about 95% of the energy used to produce cans from scratch.


Plastic Bottles


Unlike aluminium, plastic can be confusing. Different types of plastic are used to manufacture the products in the market today. Unfortunately, not all plastic types are recyclable. The experts at our Adelaide bottle and can recycling depot can help you differentiate between plastic types.


Each form of plastic can be recycled into a unique type of product. For example, plastic bottles can be recycled into fleece jackets, shoes, sleeping bags and of course new bottles. On the other hand, the plastic used in milk containers can be used in the production of playground equipment. Using recycled plastic in the manufacturing process will save about 66% of the energy consumed to produce new plastic products.




When it comes to recycling, glass is similar to aluminium. It can get recycled indefinitely. Glass does not decompose. Therefore, to save it from ending up in landfills it should get recycled. The process of recycling glass is actually much more energy efficient than producing from raw materials. Recycled glass can be transformed into several products, including glass bottles, sewer pipes, flooring and countertops.


At Thorntons Recycling, our Adelaide bottle and can recycling depot was established forty years ago. Today, we accept a significant amount of recyclable materials, such as plastic and beverage cartons. To encourage the bottle and can recycling in Adelaide, we pay cash for these items.


Save the environment and make some cash on the side. Visit our Adelaide bottle and can recycling depot today!




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