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The Adelaide Recycling Depot You Can Count On!

May 27, 2022

No one can deny that recycling plays a crucial role in saving the planet. However, an efficient recycling depot also has all sorts of benefits. Besides saving the environment, a recycling depot will also help raise awareness in the Adelaide community. Some recycling depots also provide incentives to encourage people to bring their recyclable waste. 

To help reduce your carbon footprint, you need to find a reliable recycling depot in Adelaide. It should provide a convenient service and be located near you. Otherwise, you will not be encouraged to continue visiting the recycling depot. It will become a hassle for you.


At Thornton’s Recycling, we are a family-owned Adelaide recycling depot. We are located in Thebarton. It is 5 kilometres from Adelaide. Our main objective is to reduce the waste in our Adelaide local community through recycling. 

Over 40 years ago, we started as an Adelaide collection depot. Our vision has always been to provide the Adelaide community with an easy and effective recycling service. Now, we have expanded our service. Today, we recycle significant amounts of materials.

Here is why Thornton’s Recycling is the Adelaide recycling depot you can count on :

Easy To Reach Location

Dropping off your recyclable waste should not be a hassle. That is why you need to choose Thornton’s Recycling. Our recycling depot is located within 10 minutes of the Adelaide CBD. There, you will find a state-of-the-art recycling facility. 

For more convenience, we offer a drive-thru and drop-off service. We also provide a pick-up service for business clients across Adelaide.

Cash Rewards

With Thornton’s Recycling, your recycling efforts will not go unnoticed. We are passionate about the environment and want to encourage more people in Adelaide to recycle. That is why we pay cash for the recyclable items you bring to our Adelaide recycling depot, including bottles and cans. 

To find out which container will make you money, check their label. It should say ‘10c refund at collection depots when sold in SA’. Ensure the bottles are clean and take off their caps to get them ready for recycling. This will make your visit to our Adelaide recycling depot go faster.




Our friendly staff will help you get in and out of the recycling depot as quickly as possible. They will sort and count your items and hand you the cash. You can visit our Adelaide recycling depot any day of the week. We are open seven days, even on public holidays. So you can send us your bottles, cans, beverage containers and cartons, and plastic.

Pick-up Service

For business clients across Adelaide, we provide a pick-up service seven days per week. Our pick-up services cover pubs, clubs, function centres, RSL, restaurants, and cafes across Adelaide. We offer both a once-off pick-up and regular collections. Our Adelaide recycling depot can also supply a range of recycling bins, baskets, and bale frames.

Choose a hassle-free Adelaide recycling depot. Visit us today!




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