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The Impact of Bottle and Can Recycling

June 24, 2022


Bottles and cans are everywhere today, making it difficult to control how we dispose of them. Well, perhaps they are not meant to throw out. Most of these items are made of recyclable materials, and we all know how beneficial recycling can be to us and our environments.

Hence it is essential to ensure you turn in your recyclables through suitable mediums. Recycling depots and agencies can help with your bottle and can recycling in Adelaide. 

If you are still not convinced about the impact of bottle and can recycling and how it is changing the world, here are some significant pointers. 

  • Supports Cleaner Communities 

Many modern products are now packed in bottles and can, leading to a massive accumulation of used cans and bottles daily. These items make up a large percentage of waste generated, and we know that more waste typically increases the chances of poor waste management. 

Hence, these materials are now produced with recyclable materials to help solve this problem. In addition, recycling bottles and cans reduce waste generated and poor disposal, allowing for cleaner communities.  

  • Prevents Pollutions 

Poor waste disposal often leads to different types of pollution that can be dangerous to the environment and its occupants. Since bottles and cans make up a significant percentage of waste, it is fair to classify them as pollutants. Moreover, most of these bottles are slow decomposers, taking over 100 years to fully decompose. 

Hence, they are often stored in landfills or washed into the sea, where they cause pollution. Recycling these bottles and cans can go a long way toward preventing environmental pollution. 

  • Conserves Natural Resources 

One of the recycling's most important advantages is that it helps conserve raw materials. Recycled items are often reused to manufacture more products, reducing the need to tap into unused natural resources. It is the same for plastic bottles that you can use to manufacture several products like clothes, toys, bags, and more plastic bottles. 

According to environmental protection agencies, about 4 barrels of crude oil can be saved per ton of plastic bottles and cans recycled. 

  • Saves Energy 

You will marvel at the amount of energy put into fabricating and manufacturing new products. Industries use sophisticated machinery to manufacture products, and this machinery runs on different energy sources. 

However, one sure thing is that they consume lots and lots of energy to convert raw materials to finished products. On the other hand, using recycled bottles and other items for these productions can save more than half of the energy used. 

  • Economic Growth 

Yes, recycling used bottles and cans can positively impact the economy. According to the environmental agencies, the economic benefits of recycling are immense, generating impressive amounts of revenue. You can channel the revenue generated from this activity to different industries to help boost the economy. Also, recycling creates several job opportunities, and statistics show that about 1.5 jobs can be created per 1000 tons of materials Recycled. 


The impacts of recycling bottles and cans in the world today can not be overemphasised, and it is made evident through its benefits. It helps boosts economies and protects the environment, but only when the recycling is complete. Thornton's Recycling can help ensure your recycled bottles and cans get to the correct destination for reuse. 





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