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Things You Might Not Know About Recycling Depots!

June 24, 2020

Ever since people became more aware of the importance of recycling, the recycling depot in Adelaide has seen much growth in the industry. The waste management concepts of reduce, reuse, and recycle are gaining popularity every day. Although more and more people in Adelaide are supporting the cause, not many are familiar with how recycling works. This is where your Adelaide recycling depot should step in to help


.A recycling depot is a site where you can drop off a variety of your recyclable waste. With the massive development in technology and equipment, recycling depots have become more efficient than ever. That is why they are now considered the most convenient way of disposing waste responsibly.

Before choosing a recycling depot, here are a few things you should know first:


Types of Recycling Depots


Not all recycling depots are the same. There are many types of waste and recycling facilities in Adelaide. Some recycling depots are just concerned with collecting, sorting, and storing various recyclable materials. Others use biological recycling processes to produce fertilisers or soil conditioners. To understand the recycling depot type that suits your needs, you can contact them or check their website. Check what kind of recyclable materials they accept and how they work.


Not Every Item Can Get Recycled


Bringing all your waste items to an Adelaide recycling depot does not necessarily mean they will all get accepted. Some materials, such as single-use plastics, cannot be recycled. The only way to reduce the negative impact of such products is by using less of them.


Even recyclable items, such as paper and cardboard, can get rejected at your Adelaide recycling depot. If an item is dirty, greasy, wet or soiled it can contaminate your whole recyclable load. To keep your waste out of landfills, you should make sure it is all clean and dry.


Recycling Does Not Have to Be a Hassle


The process of recycling itself can be complicated. However, your efforts to get your waste recycled should not be. That is why you should choose an established recycling depot that is close to your Adelaide house or business. It should also have convenient opening hours. Some recycling depots offer additional services, such as pick-ups or bin hire. To make your trip to the recycling depot fruitful and efficient, try to ask first what types of materials they accept.


At Thorntons Recycling, our state of the art recycling depot is about ten minutes away from the Adelaide CBD. For your convenience, we are open seven days of the week. We do also offer a pick-up service for our business clients across Adelaide.


Over forty years ago, we started out as a bottle and can recycling depot. Today, we recycle significant amounts of materials, including plastic and beverage cartons. With us, you can take advantage of the South Australian Government’s container deposit legislation. We pay cash for your recyclable bottles and cans.


Efficient waste disposal has never been more convenient. Visit our Adelaide recycling depot today!




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