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Ways Recycling Can Help The Planet!

May 27, 2020

Involving the recycling depot in Adelaide in your recycling is one of the crucial and beneficial actions we can take to improve the earth’s health. We’ve all heard about recycling before. Most of us take this word for granted, but have you ever stopped to think about how recycling really impacts our environment?


Understanding the real positive effects of recycling on the environment is a powerful motivator to encourage you to go green. In this post, we’ll be sharing some of the significant ways in which recycling helps the planet.



This Is How Recycling Helps The Planet!


Reduces the Use of Natural Resources


The chief benefit of recycling is that it allows us to create new products out of our waste. In turn, this reduces the need to consume natural resources and raw materials to produce consumable goods. For example, rather than having to obtain new aluminium for can production, used cans in our waste can be processed to become new products. By getting the most out of the materials already employed in the production of packaging and containers, we avoid the mindless waste of earth’s valuable resources.


Reduces Gas Emissions


Global warming is a very real issue that is currently affecting our climate and ecosystems. The leading cause behind this preoccupying phenomenon is the production of greenhouse emissions. Large amounts of these emissions are produced because of product manufacturing. On the other hand, when products are recycled and transformed into new ones, fewer carbon emissions are released. By recycling, we can continue to produce products, but by sourcing them from our waste, we can do it in an environmentally safe way.


Protects Wildlife


Our planet is a beautiful place filled with paradise-like scenery and exotic animal species. Unfortunately, pollution and global warming are putting all that beauty at risk. Without recycling, the production of goods requires the use of natural resources. This translates into forests disappearing, minerals and metals being depleted and fossil fuels disappearing. Additionally, our modern lifestyle also creates pollution that acts as a direct threat to the earth’s animals.


Creates Jobs


When talking about recycling, most people concentrate on strictly environmental benefits. Yet, the positive effects of recycling are far broader. When you recycle, not only are you helping the earth and wildlife, you are also contributing to a good change in society. With a growing need for recycling, there is also an increasing need for people to handle the task. This has resulted in many new jobs being created at recycling depots and processing centres in Adelaide and across the world.



After learning more about the countless benefits of recycling, we hope you feel more motivated to contribute to Adelaide’s recycling efforts. You can join in on green practices by recycling your household or business waste at Thorntons Adelaide recycling depot.


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