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Ways to Make Bottle Recycling Easier

February 21, 2022



Is bottle recycling easy for you? If not, that’s a sign something is wrong. Recycling should feel like second nature to you. It’s discouraging when recycling feels like just another chore. But most times, this happens when:

  • You don’t have a preferred Adelaide bottle recycling depot.

  • You don’t have enough recycling equipment.

  • You don’t have access to proper information etc.

There are so many things that could get in the way of your recycling. And we’ll be breaking them down here. Watch recycling get easier once you try out these tips:

Take it Easy

When you just start bottle recycling, you’ll be very enthusiastic. You’ll be tempted to recycle every bottle you come across, and this could lead to burnout. Recycling will constantly be on your mind, and you’ll always be on the lookout. It’s good to be conscious about your bottled waste but don’t become obsessive. 

Realise that you can’t control what people do with their bottles. It’s okay to make mistakes. Start small; remember to set aside one or two bottles per day. You can increase that number as time passes. Trying to recycle everything from the first day will be too overwhelming. As long as you’re not disposing of your bottles , you’re doing great.

Leave Reminders

If you don’t mind adding some extra decorations to your Adelaide home, you’d love this. Forgetting to keep your bottles is a very normal mistake, especially when you’re used to throwing them away.

Leave visual or written reminders around your home or office space. You can put sticky notes talking about the benefits of recycling over your house, especially in the bin areas, since that’s where you’ll be making most of the mistakes. A simple note with the recycling symbol would be more than enough to remind you.

Reminders are great because they can encourage you while you’re feeling down. Anyone who visits you will also see them and could pick up recycling as a result. 

Recycling Equipment

Separate your recycling things from the regular trash. Using the same type of bin you use for garbage to recycle can lead to mistakes. It would be easy for you or anyone else to mistake them for the other. Properly distinguish them from the other by having recycling equipment. Recycling bins usually stand out from regular bins because of their designs.

You can also get bales, sacks, etc., that you’ll be using when it’s time to take your bottles to the depot. Thornton’s recycling has all the equipment you’ll need to properly store your bottles.

Recycling Depot

The Adelaide depot you use has a significant impact on how easy your recycling is. They could offer a range of services such as pick-up services. So instead of driving to the depot, they’ll come to your house or business to pick it up.

Doesn’t this sound great? When you’re recycling with Thornton’s Recycling , pick-up services are available. Arrange pick-up days for your household or commercial business. Do you have a collection of bottles? 

Call us to pick it up now.





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