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Ways to Make Your Can and Bottle Recycling Easy!

July 22, 2020

No one can deny the benefits of can and bottle recycling. It helps turn your can and bottle waste into new goods, instead of ending up in oceans or landfills. Every can and bottle you recycle eases the strain on natural resources and creates new job opportunities.


Sending your can and bottle waste to a recycling facility should not be a task you dread. To make your visit to the recycling depot go smoother and quicker, here are a few tips:


Clean Your Recyclables


Just like apples, one contaminated can or bottle can ruin a full load of recyclables. That is why, any used can and bottle should be cleaned first, before storing it. There is no need to scrub them clean and make them look brand new. All you should do is remove any food residues. A good rinse with water will do the job.


Before getting your can and bottle waste to the recycling depot, make sure it is dry and clean. This way, you will not waste time at the depot waiting for the staff to rinse every can and bottle you have.


Do Not Remove Labels


To take advantage of the South Australian Governments container deposit legislation, the staff need to check the labels on your containers. Each can and bottle should have a label stating ‘10c refund at collection depots when sold in SA’ on it. That means it is eligible for a cash refund.


Remove Caps and Straw


Remove any caps or straws before taking your waste to the can and bottle recycling depot. Even though caps and straws are also plastic, they are not the same as the plastic material in plastic bottles.

Leaving it to the staff at the recycling depot to remove the caps of every can and bottle you have will take up a lot of time. That is why it is much easier to take the caps of the bottles, as you wash them at home.


Do Not Crush Can


Flattened cans are challenging to identify and handle. Because they will not take up much space, you can fit many of them in one bag. It will make the bags too heavy for the recycling depot staff to handle. Crushed cans also have sharp edges that can cause serious injuries.


Forty years ago, Thorntons Recycling started as a can and bottle recycling depot in Adelaide. Over the years, to offer more solutions, we have expanded our services. Now, we accept significant amounts of materials at our Adelaide recycling depot. Our friendly team of recycling experts will count every can and bottle you have and hand you the cash immediately.


For your convenience, our state-of-the-art recycling facility is located within ten minutes of the Adelaide CBD. We offer a drive-thru and drop off service for residents and pick-up service for business clients.


Can and bottle recycling does not have to be a hassle. Visit our recycling depot today!




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