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Ways You Can Recycle Effectively at Home!

April 08, 2020

Are you interested in Adelaide's bottle recycling but don’t know where to start? At Thorntons Recycling, we want to help you get started. We strive to educate the Adelaide community on recycling not just cans but other household items as well. We actively contribute to making a positive impact on our environment. By joining in on our green efforts, you too can play a role in this positive change and the many benefits it can lead to. Today we’ll introduce you to some simple ways to recycle at home!


Ways You Can Start Recycling in Your Adelaide Home


Bottle Recycling


For those looking to dip their toes in the water in the recycling world, giving bottle recycling a try is the best choice. Plastic bottles are a staple in most homes since nearly all liquid products are sold in these containers. Not only are they abundant in Adelaide households and businesses, but bottles are also easy to sort and rinse. For this reason, bottle recycling is the best place to start for recycling newbies. Once you get used to sorting and dropping off your bottles at a recycling depot, you’ll find recycling your cans, carton, and paper easier as well.

Make Recycling Convenient


Truth is, the more comfortable you make trash recycling for you, the more likely you are to actually get involved. A great way to facilitate recycling in your home is by having recycling bins and trash bags readily available. We suggest placing recycling bins in key areas of your home, such as the kitchen for the most convenience. You should also keep a list handy with all recyclable items so that you can verify you are sorting items correctly.


Recycle Your Paper


Whether you are a student, work from home or at an office, the use of printed documents is widespread. Many forget about the negative impact of paper waste and simply toss a used piece of paper to the trash bin. However, paper is one of the most straightforward items to recycle. We suggest you keep a box or folder near your desk area to store paper documents that still have some blank spaces empty. You can use these sheets of paper to jot down quick notes, make calculations or any other simple task. Once paper is fully used, you can bag it and drop off at a recycling depot



In Conclusion


Getting involved with recycling is a great deed anyone can do at home. Bottle, can, and carton recycling are simple recycling efforts with significant positive effects. At Thorntons Recycling Depot in Adelaide, we can help you with all your bottle-recycling needs and more! We are also fully equipped to take in paper, carton, and cans. Our convenient services, such as drive-thru recycling drop-offs and scheduled recycling pickups, make recycling at home even easier!



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