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What Happens to Your Bottles at a Bottle Recycling Depot?

February 21, 2022


Recycling is fascinating. Your bottled drink becomes a totally new product- such as a t-shirt, a shampoo bottle etc. And the process starts from you – without Recycling, most bottles would just go to waste.

However, not everyone knows what goes on at the bottle recycling depot, which is where every recycled bottle goes. Once you drop off your items at the depot, what happens next? Two major processes that guarantee your bottles become new useful goods.

If you’re curious and would like to know more, keep on reading:


A bottle recycling depot typically receives thousands of bottles every day. All these bottles are sorted through because there are usually mix-ups. For example, plastic bags or beverage boxes could be submitted with the bottles. These items aren’t accepted at bottle recycling depots, so they’re removed. Dirty bottles are also removed so they don’t contaminate the process.

The bottles are also classified according to type. For example, glass bottles are separated from plastic bottles. Then, these plastic bottles are classified according to types. 

The sorting process is the most time-consuming because most people don’t properly prepare their bottles. If you’d like to make this process easier for your depot, you can:

  • Inspect your bottles before submitting them. Not all bottles are acceptable, and removing them beforehand will save a lot of time.Call your recycling depot to know what they accept.

  • Wash your bottles before bringing them in. Dirty plastics will contaminate the batch and are removed. 

  • Don’t crush your bottles before bringing them in-it is done in another process. If possible, they should be in near perfect condition when you bring them in.

Stripping and crushing

Once the bottles have been sorted, they are sent to different streams to be processed. Their labels and caps are removed. You could remove the labels of your bottles before bringing them in if you want. 

Once they’ve been stripped of any extra item, they are crushed into tiny pellets. At the end of Recycling, your milk carton became a tiny pellet that could fit into your palm. It’s these tiny pellets that are sent to manufacturers to become new items. Old bottles can go on to become:

  • New bottles.

  • Toys.

  • Clothes such as activewear, leisurewear, sweaters, etc.

  • Furniture such as rugs etc.

  • Containers etc.

Recycled bottles can even be used in construction. From these two processes, you can see how your recycling depot plays an important role. 

Ensure you choose a certified bottle recycling depot that guarantees your bottles are treated properly, Thornton’s Recycling should be your go-to recycling depot if you’re in Adelaide. We have a variety of services that will make Recycling easy for you:

  • Affordable recycling equipment. They tend to be expensive if you buy them at shops.

  • Pick up services. You can schedule regular pick-ups to your household or office. Say goodbye to driving to a depot- we come to you.

Recycling shouldn’t be a chore. Make it easy by calling us now!





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