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Why Thornton`s Should Be Your Recycling Depot Of Choice!

October 07, 2020

After you decide to start recycling, you have to look for a recycling depot in Adelaide.  When you are looking for a recycling depot in Adelaide, you have to be very thorough. You need to be careful because any facility can claim to be a recycling depot nowadays.


You mustn't choose a self-proclaimed recycling depot because they are often unreliable.  

To make your search for a recycling depot in Adelaide short, you can use Thorntons Recycling. There are many reasons why we are one of the most popular recycling depots in Adelaide.


Here's why you should consider using Thorntons Recycling for all your recycling needs.




This goes for every dealing you plan to do or engage in with any company or business. Thorntons Recycling is certified by all the necessary Australian bodies. We are accredited in Adelaide as a reputable recycling depot. This means that when you're dealing with us, you are dealing with a company that is professional and knows their stuff. Getting certified means, you have been recognised as having world-class facilities and expertise, which is what we have and provide.
We take our certifications seriously, and this is why all of our clients have good experiences with us. Everybody that comes to our recycling depot leaves knowing that we are the best




Before you deal with any business, you should look into how much experience they have. Experience is a significant indicator that a company knows what they're doing, and they are trustworthy. Experience is something you will get from us at Thorntons Recycling. We have been in the recycling business for over 40 years in Adelaide, and our company is still going strong.
We have been in this recycling business for so long because we are a top-notch recycling depot


Recycling Practice


A good recycling depot conducts safe and toxic-free recycling practices. Some recycling depots carry out bad recycling practices like recycling different items together and disposing of recyclable items. At Thorntons Recycling, we use only the safest of measures and sort items according to their type. We also don't dispose of any recyclable items given to us.
Thanks to our safe recycling practices, we have never had any recycling violations, which is something you should look for.


Care for the environment


One of the primary foundations of our business is our care for the environment. Whenever we have recyclable items brought to us, we are happy because we can continue to help our environment. If you come to our recycling depot, you will notice the toxic-free environment because we care for mother nature and our staff. It is this care for the environment that makes us stand out. Everyone should recycle, your environment will thank you for it.



If you have any questions on what happens during the recycling process, you should contact us so we can answer you!




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