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Cans and Bottle Recycling Tips Everyone Should Follow!

October 28, 2020

The first step to can and bottle recycling is deciding to join Adelaide's recycling program. And that’s a major step! Once you decide to recycle, you can start small with cans and bottles. Some of the most common waste items that a lot of Adelaide households have are cans and bottles. Once you start recycling cans and bottles, you’re already helping out the environment.

However, there are some recycling tips you need to take note of when you’re recycling cans and bottles. Recycling properly will make it easier for you and the recycling depots. The recycling tips we’re about to mention is something everyone should do as it will also help whatever waste management company you use. Keep on reading to know some cans and bottle recycling tips you should follow!


Clean Your Cans and Bottle


An important recycling tip is that you should always clean the cans and bottles you want to recycle. Dirty cans and bottles make work harder at the recycling depot because they will have to clean it. Amidst sorting different types of items, having to clean cans and bottles will be very time-consuming. You can make it a habit by rinsing out every bottle or cans you use. Before you know it, you’re always cleaning your cans and bottles.


Sort the Items

To make recycling efforts easier, you should separate your cans and bottle waste from others. You should also sort cans and bottles separately. Disposing of cans and bottles with non-recyclable waste will make the sorting process harder. So, you should make a conscious effort to separate cans and bottles from the general waste.

One thing that will help is having a separate bin for cans and bottles. Once you develop the habit of disposing of your cans and bottle separately, you’re already recycling.


Unscrew the Caps

Bottle caps make the recycling process tedious because they are unwanted during the recycling process. Any bottle you want to recycle, you should remove their caps and lids. Doing this practice will make recycling efforts easier for the Adelaide recycling depots.


Recycle Big

When you hear cans and bottles, you think of can drinks and bottled water or drinks, but it’s more than that. Cans can also be from canned foods, and bottles can be gotten from your hand sanitizers, skincare products, and dishwashing liquids. When you want to recycle, think, and recycle big.


If you’re looking for a recycling depot in Adelaide that will accept your cans and bottle waste, come to Thorntons Recycling. We accept cans and bottles and will compensate you for your waste!


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