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Here`s How Much You Can Earn From Recycling Your Bottles And Cans!

October 14, 2020

What's the next best thing after can and bottle recycling to help the Adelaide environment? Earning money from your recycling efforts. You can make hundreds of dollars from waste you usually throw away. Do you see why everyone needs to get into recycling now? The environment will thank you, and your wallet will also thank you.


However, some things can affect how much you'll get paid for recycling items like cans and bottles, plastic, etc. Keep on reading to know what determines how much you will get from recycling cans and bottles and other waste!



How much you earn from recycling in Adelaide depends on how much you have to recycle. If the cans and bottle, cardboard, etc. you have to recycle is small, you won't earn that much. If you don't recycle, you sadly won't earn that much from recycling. Meanwhile, if you're already into recycling, you will have a lot of waste to recycle and make more.

It's time to start keeping all the cans and bottles you use and recycle them properly.  Once you start taking out proper recycling measures, you can come to us at Thorntons Recycling. Give us your cans and bottles, and we'll compensate you!


What You're Recycling

We don't only accept cans and bottles, but also items like plastic, cardboard, and different beverage containers.  The price of each article or material differs because of their value and how common they are. Materials like cans, bottles, and plastic are common, so you may not get that much for recycling only them. Meanwhile, if you branch out and recycle different types of items, you will earn more.

So instead of sticking with one type of material, try and recycle other items too. You could even collect recyclable waste from your friends and family so you can have a wide range of recyclable products. We can all do our part in helping Adelaide clean!


The Recycling Company

How much you get from recycling also depends on the recycling company. Not all recycling companies pay well. Come to Thornton's Recycling if you're in Adelaide, and you're looking for where you can cash in your recyclable products. We can proudly say we offer the best price when it comes to giving you your money's worth when you recycle your bottles and cans with us. Have things you have available for recycling now and want to know how much you will get?


Call us now so we can give you an estimate!




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