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How Recycling Will Change The World!

January 08, 2020

The world, as we know it, is deeply set in the age of the disposable. The majority of consumer goods available nowadays result, to some extent, in waste. With so many goods packed in plastic, cans or carton, living 100% waste-free is not always possible. However, this doesn’t mean the environment is doomed.


Even when we purchase packaged goods, there’s still a lot we can do to minimise the negative environmental impact these have. The best way to do this is by recycling.


Recycling keeps potentially repurposed goods from taking up space in our Adelaide landfills. Instead, recyclable garbage is processed and made new again to serve a new purpose. In a way, recycling is the rebirth of our garbage. It’s an excellent process that any responsible Adelaide community member should participate in.


Are you a part of Adelaide’s recycling efforts? If not, don’t hesitate to contribute. Your individual contributions to recycling have a more significant impact than you could imagine!


Here are some ways in which recycling makes the world a better place:


It conserves natural resources.


Producing new plastic bottles, cans, etc. requires the use of natural resources and raw materials. However, this type of product can also be made from recycled material. Old plastic and aluminium can be processed into brand new bottles and cans. This way you can get the most out of the same amount of material. Why waste product potential? Especially when it’s so damaging for the environment. By recycling, we can take full advantage of every single product we consume.


It saves energy.


Producing plastic bottles, aluminium cans, and other recyclable goods from scratch requires a large amount of fuel energy. Yet, making these same products from recycled materials can significantly reduce energy requirements. If we can make the exact same product using only a fraction of the energy, recycling is well worth it.


It reduces greenhouse emissions.


As we mentioned above, recycling reduces energy usage. Hence, the less energy required, the less carbon required. In turn, this diminishes the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced. If you didn’t know, these gases are very harmful to the environment. They are directly linked to climate change.

Recycling allows us to reduce the volume of greenhouse gases, improving the overall health of the environment.


It slows down landfill growth.


It’s a fact that the earth has no space to spare on waste and garbage. However, as it continues to be produced, our landfills are forced to expand. Fortunately, a large portion of the waste products piling up on our landfills can be recycled. By recycling these products at the right facilities, rather than irresponsibly dumping them out, our landfills can be reduced in size!


Join Adelaide Recycling Efforts At Thornton’s


At Thornton’s Recycling, we are committed to improving the health of Adelaide’s environment. This is why we work with local homeowners and businesses, providing them with convenient recycling solutions daily.


Be a part of the change that will change the world. Drop off your recyclable goods at our facility’s drive-through or schedule a pickup service today!




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