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Looking To Step up Your Bottle Recycling? Head to Thorntons

May 27, 2022


After a party or a big family event, you will probably have many empty bottles all over your home. Instead of looking at these empty bottles as a hassle, you can turn them into cash. But First, you need to find the right bottle recycling depot in Adelaide.


Throwing empty bottles is literally like throwing away an opportunity to make money without doing much. All you need to do is bring them to our Adelaide bottle recycling depot and cash them in. At Thornton's Recycling, our bottle recycling depot is located in Thebarton. It is five kilometres from Adelaide. With us, making money from bottle recycling has never been easier. 

You have everything you need to start your bottle recycling journey. Here are some tips to help you make the most of bottle recycling:

Collect the Right Bottles

First, you need to stop throwing away bottles. Instead, collect every used bottle you find and separate it from other waste. This way, you will ensure the bottle will not get contaminated. It will be clean enough to take to the recycling depot. 

Most bottles are accepted at our Adelaide recycling depot. However, check the label to ensure you are collecting the right bottles. It should say '10c refund at collection depots when sold in SA'. This ensures you will get a ten-cent refund for every bottle you bring to our recycling depot. 

Get the Bottles Ready for Recycling

To make your visit to the recycling depot shorter, you need to get your bottles ready. You should remove the bottle caps. Next, try to wash out any leftovers from the bottle. Make sure the bottle is dry and does not contain any fluids. Otherwise, the dirty bottles will attract insects. 

Try to also pack the bottles in bags that are not too heavy. All this will take only a few seconds and make your trip to the bottle recycling depot faster. 

Head to Thornton's Recycling

Our Adelaide bottle recycling depot will help you step up your money-making game. We offer a state-of-the-art recycling facility within ten minutes of the Adelaide CBD. So, you do not need to worry about driving back and forth for hours to reach the bottle recycling depot. 

We are passionate about the environment and reducing our local community's carbon footprint. That is why we offer a convenient drive-thru and drop-off service. In addition, for our business clients across Adelaide, we can provide a pickup service. 

Our experienced bottle recycling team will help you sort and count all your items. Then, they will calculate and hand you the cash in the quickest possible timeframe. That is why Thornton's Recycling is the effective collection point for all your recycling requirements in Adelaide. 

Step up your bottle recycling with Thornton's Recycling. Visit our Adelaide bottle recycling depot today!





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