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Tips for an Easy Recycling Depot Experience!

September 09, 2020

When it comes to can and bottle  recycling, everyone in Adelaide tries to do his or her best. However, we all still make unintentional mistakes that might make our visits to the recycling depot take longer. Preparing your can and bottle waste for recycling is relatively easy once you learn the basics.


Here are a few tips that will make your visit to our Adelaide recycling depot go much smoother:


Remove Bottle Caps


Bring only the bottle or can for recycling. Try to take off all the bottle caps, before bringing the drink containers to our Adelaide recycling depot. Otherwise, the lids can become a safety hazard for our workers. They will create pressure inside the bottles, as they are crushed.


Do Not Crush Cans


Many people think that crushing cans is an efficient way of bringing them to our Adelaide recycling depot. However, that is not the case. A crushed can has sharp edges that can injure our workers, as they sort and count your recyclables. The bag of crushed can and bottle waste will also be challenging to handle, as it will be too heavy.


Rinse Every Can and Bottle


After drinking a can or bottle, there will be still some liquid residue left inside. Without rinsing, the leftovers can attract insects into the drinking container. A dirty can and bottle might not be accepted for recycling. It can contaminate the entire recycling batch at our Adelaide depot.


You do not have to thoroughly clean every can and bottle you have before sending them for recycling. Just give them a good rinse and allow to dry completely. Otherwise, the team at our Adelaide recycling depot will have to wash them for you on-site. This will take extra time and will keep you waiting longer.


Sort Your Recyclables


Organizing your can and bottle waste in advance will speed up the counting process at our Adelaide recycling depot. You will also get your payment in cash quicker. Our helpful staff will help you sort and count your recyclables. However, if your can and bottle waste is sorted in advance, it will save you time at the recycling depot. You do not have to sort them in a time-consuming manner. Just categorize them by size and type.



At Thorntons Recycling, we offer a state-of-the-art recycling facility within ten minutes of the Adelaide CBD. It will not take you much time to drive there. We offer a convenient drive-thru and drop-off service.


Our Adelaide recycling depot was established over forty years ago. We started out as a can and bottle recycling depot. Over the years, we have expanded our recycling services across Adelaide. Today, we accept a significant amount of recyclable materials. We pay cash for all your recyclable can and bottle waste. Our friendly team will quickly count your items and hand you the money in no time.


Get your can and bottle waste recycled conveniently. Visit our Adelaide recycling depot today!




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