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Tips for Bottle Recycling!

January 08, 2020

Type your content ...Let’s face it, most products in the market are, in one way or another, packaged in plastic. This is especially true for beverages.


Sometimes, there’s no other way to enjoy our favourite drinks than to buy them in plastic bottles. As hard as we try, it’s nearly unlikely that we can keep our homes one hundred per cent waste-free.


However, what we can do is be responsible for the way we handle our plastic waste. Rather than contributing to the world’s pollution, we can choose to join recycling efforts.


Participating in recycling is far easier than you’d imagine. Many of the people that hesitate to start recycling think that doing so is troublesome or time-consuming. Yet, this is hardly the case. Recycling is a quick and easy process that is easy to get used to. The best way to start is with your bottles.


Plastic bottles are some of the most straightforward items to get you started on your recycling journey. They can be cleaned and sorted with little effort. Plus, since plastic bottles are so widely used, recycling them has an enormous impact.


Eager to do the right thing? Give recycling a try. The bottles in your Adelaide home’s trash can are the perfect place to begin.


Here are the top tips to follow to become a bottle recycling expert:


Start Sorting All Your Plastic Bottles in One Place


Primarily, you should start separating your recyclable bottles from the rest of your trash. You can do this by designating ceratin containers for your recyclable bottles. A great way to tot his is by getting separate containers for your general waste and your bottles. Make sure your recycling container is easy to access. This way you won’t have any excuse to neglect it. Before you dump your bottle in, remove the caps for extra time-saving!



Clean Your Bottles As You Empty Them


To turn in your plastic bottles to an Adelaide recycling facility, you’ll have to prepare them properly. Thankfully, the requirements are easy to meet. You have to make sure your plastic items are clean and correctly sorted. A great way to save time is to clean your bottles as soon as you’re done using them. When you finish your drink, take a minute to rinse it out before placing it in your recycling container. This way you won’t have to go through all your plastic waste before heading out to turn it in.


Rinsing as you go will save you time and effort in the long run. Just make sure there’s no liquid residue.



Find an Efficient Adelaide Bottle Recycling Hub


Overall, the one thing you can do to simplify your bottle recycling is finding a good Adelaide recycling hub. At Thornton’s recycling in Adelaide, we offer solutions to help you start recycling your plastic bottles. Open every day of the week, you cannot excuse yourself from taking action. We even offer a seven day pick up service!


To find out more about recycling your bottles with Thornton’s Recycling Adelaide, contact us at 08 8443 7416.




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